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PostPosted: Sat, Jan 28, 2017 10:58pm 

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Hi, been saving up to get a serious amp, been playing 5150's/Axe Fx/etc forever. I've looked at several "boutique" amps: the Carol-Anne Triptik 2, 3rd Power CSR 100, Reeves Super 78, Friedman SS-100, Landry LS100 G3, and of course, the Suhr SE-100 and OD-100/50 SE + heads. I'll say this, mainly 2-3 tones I'm looking for (not asking too much, ha):
(1) A reasonably close rendition of the early Van Halen Brown Sound
(2) I've always wanted to get Eddie's tone off "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" too. Know he used an SLO and a CAE +3 preamp into a Marshall power amp
(3) I've always loved Steve Stevens tone on Vince Neil "Exposed"...Look In Her Eyes...one of the BEST rock solos I've ever heard!

Don't care about clean channels, just distortion. I've heard a couple clips (Suhr demo/Rockin'Chippy) of the Suhr SE-100, to my ears it sounds like a really good candidate. Now I know it probably won't nail a VH 1/2 tone to the "T" ...that's SL67/68 territory, but i was hoping y'all could tell me if it really gets that tone from the F.U.C.K. album or is that more along the lines of OD-100 SE+? Wish there were more clips of these 2 amps, even the other brands mentioned above, but quality sound clips are far and few between. In a test vid of the SE-100, by Rockin'Chippy, I could def hear some great power amp distortion/interaction. Really dug that. Can the SE-100 sound great at bedroom volume? Or does it have to be cranked up, like a typical Plexi-style amp? That's an unfortunate requirement, I gotta keep things down abit at home. But I was def thinking of getting an iso-cab to run into my interface so I can play through headphones, got an Eventide Eclipse and an Axe Fx for great stereo fx. Any one got any quality miked-up clips of the SE and OD-100? Know the SE sounds more Marshall-like than the OD head, am I correct? Also, the PT-100...know it supposedly has a great Plexi channel and a more saturated 3rd channel. Somewhere I read a person selling their SL67 b/c his PT-100 could cover those tones, can it get a good version of the Brown Sound? Is its 3rd channel really similar to the OD-100 SE+? Was wondering maybe the PT-100 would be a better candidate to cover early VH/F.U.C.K./Stevens tones. Also, even tho this is a Suhr forum, if anyone cares to chime in on the other amps I first mentioned, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

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PostPosted: Thu, Feb 02, 2017 5:49am 
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Here's a video I did for SUHR, probably my favorite out of all the Suhr amps
The gain channel is very similar to the CAE 3+ preamp which I happen to own

It should be able to do early VH and the later Van Hagar era tones with no problem, and I don't see why you wouldn't be albe to dial in a Steve Stevens tone as well :)

The master vol works great on Suhr's amps, bedroom volume shouldn't be a problem

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