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PostPosted: Mon, Mar 26, 2012 6:27pm 
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Ok so I've been selling some gear to fund a new main tube amp head and have been looking at the peavey 5150/5150 II/6505+ heads. My main amp head is a 95 Mesa Tremoverb that was converted from a combo to a head, bought it new in 95 and have been pretty much just plugging straight from guitar to amp to my marshall 1960A cab with 2 celestion g12t-75's and 2 WGS retro 30's x pattern and it sounds good but it's one of a kind and hard to keep at a decent volume level for shows. I've played thru the peavey 5150/5150 II/6505+ heads and love how those sound but now I just came across online today the Egnater Vengeance and was wanting more information on it how it compares soundwise to the mesa rectos, 5150's etc., do they cut thru the mix especially with another guitar player, etc. Our band plays modern metal in drop B but I play other styles as well.

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PostPosted: Sun, Apr 01, 2012 9:50am 
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Don't know how it cuts through the mix with another guitar player (because I'm the lone one) but, it does hold together well when using my 7 strings (B & Bb). Clean is really nice (if you care). The mids and highs from the dirty channel sounds smoother than a 5150 (I like that but, then again I got rid of my previous 2 5150's). Never bonded with my Tremoverb either because I never got a chance to play it at the HIGH volume you need to play it at for it to sound good. The Vengeance is well worth trying.

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