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    The Les Paul dilemma

    I don’t like traditional tele bodies for the same reason - no arm contour, no belly cut. The Richie Kotzen model has them but then it doesn’t have a normal pickup and has gold hw… could go Warmoth and do exactly what I want. My main axe for years was a LP… it’s heavy, I’ve worn through part of...
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    4 amps - same riff - guess the amp!

    All are very similar but the 3rd one was my favorite at first listen without knowing the answers.
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    What 5 Production Amps would you buy if you won the lottery?

    Staples Marshall (plexi) Fender (Bassman) Vox AC30 Others Mark IIC+ Magnatone Twilighter Stereo
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    Seeing a Performance vs Seeing a "Live" Band

    Depends on the band and vibe! If I’m going to a DT show, part of the draw is seeing extraordinaryly virtuosic musicians share a stage together - like classical music. Other bands can have some improv or spontaneity which brings a different energy and urgency. As mentioned previously, they can...
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    Stupid amp descriptions/sayings...

    “Writing about music (guitar amps per this forum thread) is like dancing about architecture.” - Frank Zappa Speakers, pickups, amps, guitars - lots of descriptions sound the same after a while. If I had a dollar for every pickup description that mentioned “bone crushing tone” I could afford a...
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    Bogner 101B, EVH 4x12, SD-1. Yes this rules!

    Psychotron hell yeah! Sounds great! Agree with all the comments about how good that mic sounds. Nice job putting that together. Would love to hear how it sounded just before you boosted. Slightly overdriven already?
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    Gol Damn Jon sounds like shit...

    John Shanks! He’s a record producer and songwriter. His live rig is insane with A+ gear, all the great stuff, distressors, bricasti reverbs etc.
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    Jerry Cantrell's guitar artwork

    I believe that’s the sticker suckerfreegear on Reverb was selling but had to blur/redact parts of in order to sell. How about this artwork?
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    SNL reruns always....

    I think last season they had Foo Fighters, Jack White (who filled in for the Country guy who didn’t follow COVID protocols) and Killers. Earlier this season a female performer did her second song accompanied by Lindsey Buckingham. Let’s be real, rock isn’t as popular as it was in the 60s-90s...
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    Taylor Hawkins has passed away

    Was slated to see then in May. Who knows? RIP Hell of a drummer and vocalist.
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    So, what do you guys do for a living?

    Transitioned to the IT field this past year after getting my BS undergrad. I manage all the labs and classroom technology at a university along with other random help desk stuff that comes along. The people are great and it’s a nice atmosphere. I also do freelance photography - won a couple of...
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    Fed Ex changing their insurance policy and it sucks!

    You can also try shipping at a university mail center also. Most run as a service to the enterprise so they don’t charge a whole lot of extra plus they get discounted rates - particularly for larger institutions.
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    Look what amp I am using for tonight‘s gig…

    I have the 90s Gretsch HH Malcolm with wraparound bridge. Great guitar for sure! Amp sounds great!
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    Original Mark IIC+ SR Realistic Value

    Mine has EQ and with it out it has more of a vintage sound, especially with less gain. All depends on what you’re going for. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Certainly more versatile to have it as an option but not mandatory IMO. Can always put sometthing in the loop or sculpt in post.