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    How Old are Ya Guys?

    54 going on 42
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    FS: Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic

    If I put some tape over the Jackson Logo and write Charvel are we good? 🤣 GLWTS
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    NGD Charvel DK24

    Great guitars for sure! Happy NGD!
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    Soldano SLO Mini Amp Head and Bogner Ecstasy Mini Amp Head - Sound Demo

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Interested in getting one for home use to run thru a pair of Bogner cubes with a delay in the loop.
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    Great swap with alund!

    Easy to deal with!Swapped a Gary Moore inspired LP for a Jackson. Great guy, fast shipping, etc. And he has a SLO! Old Guys Rule! Thanks Pal! Appreciate you! Enjoyed talking gear!
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    Someone missed the FuK out

    Pleasure swapping and talking gear with another old Fuk! Love the Jackson!
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    Selling on Reverb

    It’s gotten really bad! CL, local FB Marketplace it is for me. And of course this Forum, because most of us have been around the inter webs for years and have history we can check on each other.
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    Tube or modeling amp for regular gigging?

    Recently made the switch and not going back. Boss GX100 into a Quilter 45, into a pair of a Bogner Cubes. Nice to not have to worry about crappy power, easier load in/out, and feels/sounds like a amp to me.
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    Ok, I’m sold on digital modeling! First gig was great!

    My bad! It’s the GX100! Cheaper than the GT1000 and more than enough meets my needs. Guitar player runs the GT1000, and they blend really well.
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    Your #1 guitar

    They are still working out a pecking order.
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    Ok, I’m sold on digital modeling! First gig was great!

    Did a camp ground gig last weekend with my Boss GX100 for the first time..powered by a Quilter 45 into a pair of Bogner cubes! No muss, no fuss. Killer tones and a tuner at my feet. No worrries of shitty power to fuck with a tube head. I’m sold!
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    Any drag racers here?

    Yeah. It’s addicting! I miss racing bikes, but getting to sit next to my 14 year old in my Buick makes it worth it!
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    I have Tele GAS - Who's sportin' one for harder rock?

    Had one and it was a killer axe
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    Trade Deal Pending Reduced 59 Burst “Gary” Replica $2500 Free MXR Carbon Copy

    Throwing a like new MXR Carbon Copy in the case