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    Rhodes Colossus: Deathcore 808 drop party. Brutal tonez!

    Sounds so good!! Brutal AF!!
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    Great selling to BJJ&Blues.

    Thanks Erik. Erik was awesome to deal with. Thank you again brother!!
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    Just scored this 1974 Super Lead

    I have the PS-2 as well. Total game changer with non-MV Marshalls. Crank it to 10 and keep your hearing!
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    Monomyth Skeleton Key Demo

    That’s what I thought. The butterslax clips on YouTube didn’t turn me on
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    Monomyth Skeleton Key Demo

    I would love to hear a compare/contrast between a Monomyth and a butterslax. There’s a butterslax for sale locally but I’m not sure it gets the tones I’m looking for.
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    Nitro Charvel build

    I love the color!! Dibs if you decide to sell!!
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    NGD! Charvel content….

    I love it! Charvels rule!!
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    Tips for Bogner Uberschall Twinjet amp settings

    I love my twin jet but still struggle to dial it in completely. I would love to hear more suggestions.
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    Monomyth Skeleton Key Demo

    I’m on the list!