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    Current Marshall modders that are original, unique, or just great all around?

    Is that current production spray paint and epoxy? I try to get NOS, but it's hard to find. I like the pre-war eastern European epoxy that was made on old Russian tooling from the 50s. That's where the tonez at.
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    More Fortin silliness...

    The whole thing with Mike and Larry sounds like nothing more than sour grapes to me. Mike copied Larry's designs, except that Mike's stuff doesn't sound like Larry's? Uh, okay. So they're different then? So Mike's not trying to pass his amps off as Larry's, and he's not copying the tones? He...
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    I think I hate the AXE FX III.

    As much as they're supposed to respond and sound like traditional amps, it's still a different paradigm to learn. Some of us have spent a few decades with tube amps, pedals, and cabs. What we think we know about setting things up and dialing things in may not apply, and in some cases, our...
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    George Lynch WTF?

    Nothing like playing with your back to the audience too.
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    Note to the Mods - please sign if you agree

    @nero I thought politics were forbidden on RT. Even the politics-specific forum was removed. Aren't there a billion other places on the internet for this garbage? What's the point of posting about politics being forbidden if it's not going to be enforced? Is it just flaccid moderators? Remember...
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    Which Ceriatone amp is best for OSDM, NWOBHM and death-doom metal?

    Chupacabra comes to mind, especially if you're wanting a not-so-tight low-end. Molecular my be an option as well, although I've not played one of those. A 2203 with NFB and an additional pedal or two might get you there, while still heavily leveraging the grind of the amp. You should give NIk...
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    Talk me out of the AXE FX III

    I sold my tube rig when I got the Axe-FX III a couple years ago. I'd always been someone who might use a modeler or something solid state for rehearsal or personal practice, or even small gigs, but my primary rig was always going to be a tube head. After 30 years of playing, the Axe-FX III...
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    Iron Biden - One (Metallica)......LOL

    Guys who can't tell the difference between discussions about gear and something that's off topic aren't really in a position to question someone else's cognitive abilities. I mean, the forum heading even says "Discuss heads, combos, speakers, tubes, effects, stomp boxes, etc.". A fucking sixth...
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    Can someone identify these tubes?

    Not quite :-) JJ's are produced in Slovakia. Still, two tubes being produced by the same company doesn't make the tubes the same. The Mullard RI isn't the same as the Tung Sol or Sovtek, all produced by New Sensor. The different internal structures do affect the sound they produce, and then you...
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    Is a G Major 2 still the best buy for rack fx?

    I went through this a couple years ago when looking for a rack-based effects unit for my tube head. I'd had a G Major 2 years ago and it worked great, but it's dated. There's not as much out there. Processing power has advanced enough that what used to need a rack can now fit in a pedal. I...
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    Can someone identify these tubes?

    The pre tubes look like JJ ECC83
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    Tried this at TGP, got no help....Digitech JamMan

    I believe there's a way to do a factory reset on them. It may be unrelated, but it won't hurt to try. Do a Google search, or it may be in the manual.
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    UPS broke a 2:90 I shipped.

    You're actually the UPS customer, so it's up to you to initiate the damage claim, as UPS failed to adequately provide the service you paid them for. Generally though, even if you insure something for the full value, you're letting UPS off the hook if you pack the item yourself. Their fine print...
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    Looking for an amp

    The Synergy stuff is what I would have recommended too. You don't find it used because it's a different "niche"; it's not an EVH or Marshall or any of the other mass-produced one-size-fits-all amps. Also, guys that own them apparently aren't selling them, which should tell you something. The...
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    Feeler for pair of Celestion Lynchbacks

    I was trying to track down some Lynchbacks for one of my 4x12s about 18 months ago, and they were scarce even then. I love my Vintage 30s, but I wanted something that had less of the upper mid spike, and the smoother top end of Greenbacks. I ended up trying the V-Types, and they ended up being...