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    Thanks Bruce, Alex

    I just wanted to thank Bruce and Alex for helping me resolve an issue with my 212 cabinet. Great customer service. Fine company Egnater. How many other amp companies' CEO and designer/builder will take the time to email you and resolve your issue? Thanks guys. -Bill
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    Custom amp covers

    I like to tell people when I've had a good experience with a company or product. I had a custom cover made for my MOD 100 and 2x12 cab. If you need one for any Egnater (or any amp) check these out. You can get custom colors too. Mine matches the tolex on my amp perfectly. Very nice people...
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    Modular design question

    Does the MOD 50 and MOD 100's modules interact the same way as a preamp does in a regular master volume head with it's output section? Or is it more like a rack system that separates the two but they are just housed in one box? Do the modules somehow react with the output transformer in some...
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    Review: GnR vs SL2

    Thanks to Jason's generosity loaning his GnR to me, I have put together a review for anyone interested in this modification. Here's what I found using a Eric Johnson Strat and a SG Standard, through my MOD 100 using Eggies 2x12 cab: I always compare modules using the same settings, with no...
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    Which module has the most "Kerrang"

    I've heard the members of the forum describe the SL as having a kerrang sound. Good description. Does the VX or Bman fit that as well?
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    Bman and T/D hum in channel A

    Does anyone else notice this? With a low gain of about 10:00, and a module master level of about 2:00 or 3:00, these two modules will hum in my MOD 100. None of my other modules do this in channel A. My DLX and VX are completely silent with the same settings. I've moved them around to...
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    Ultimate Pocket Rocket Amp

    Just a question for us modular guys: Would you buy a one module (two channels), portable sized rig (Rebel size) with the ability to go from 1 to 20 watts, that can switch on the fly between 6v6's and EL84's and have an effects loop? Not to mention the ability to change the module out. I...
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    Smallest Egnater Amp

    I'm looking for a portable on the go rig. I thought I saw a picture of a one module Egnater amp. Did I dream this?
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    T/D module hums in channel A

    My T/D module will hum at low gain settings in channel A. And if I max the gain, it's quiet as a mouse. Anyone else experience this? BTW - channel B acts normally.
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    MIDI switching

    I have a MOD 100 with the 6 channel MIDI controller. Can anyone recommend a way to switch channels and effects together via MIDI? I've looked at Axess Electronics products and they look like they will work. I'm kind of confused as to what I'll need though - amp controller - foot controller...
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    5881 or mixing 6L6 and EL34

    Has anyone tried either approach on their MOD 100? Which one is the most balanced between Marshall/VX and Fender/Boogie type tones?
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    Why two tubes in each module?

    I'm not complaining LOL, Love my MOD 100. Are they for each channel? One normal and the other one pushed? Also, if I want to change the tonality of a module, which tube will affect it the most, V1 or V2?