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    Mesa Mark IV price check

    Just a PSA, there is a Mark IV on fb marketplace right now for $1K. In fact, there have been a few over recent months for decent values.
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    Looks cool, man. PM sent.
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    ebays new payment man!!!?

    Before the pandemic hit, GC was becoming a better place to sell. I was pleasantly surprised at how much they were offering for gear. Perhaps we'll get back to that in the future. Sweetwater also has a used marketplace as an option.
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    Ok...... What ya listening to?

    Lately, mainly just Tom Bukovac. Appreciating the playing with none of the fluff:
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    Marshall JMP-1 repairs??

    This guy offers a mod for the dreaded encoder failure:
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    Warmoth EJ-ish Strat build

    Wow, very nice build. Thank you for sharing! Does the Warmoth SRV profile at all resemble the EJ 'V' profile? So far that is my favorite Fender neck, but agreed on the 21 fret issue.
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    Curious how many guitarists jam and suck at theory?

    Formally trained in classical theory from playing with orchestras, but for some reason it all goes out the window as soon as I pick up a guitar, lol. Too fun to just play.
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    McDonald's Big Mac

    I concur, lol!
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    Engl Steve Morse Signature doing plexi

    Thanks man. This amp is so interesting, and yet there are not enough good clips of it. Someday I'll find one in the wild to check out.
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    Turn around time for a mod?

    Wow, a year? Something must be up. Mine was around 4 weeks, but this was several years ago.
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    Tc Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger...

    Awesome sounds. Aside from the additional features, I also thought the SCF pedal stood up sonically to the much more expensive 1210 rack unit.
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    Question about Dunlop Rotovibe

    Long time user, but never had that issue.
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    Marshall JTM45 handwired 2245THW demo video

    Awesome, can feel the air moving!
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    Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ (DRG and SRG)

    Thanks for doing this. Although each amp is different, I've generally found the 60 watter IIC+'s to sound a bit sweeter. I think I hear that in your clips, too, although that might not be a good thing for a metal tone. Here for that application the hundred watt sounds better to my ears.