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    Cameron CCV for sale in Canada

    I think what some guys like better with his mods is that the mods are using standard marshall voltages and the ccv uses higher voltages and a little more filtering so its Def faster and a touch stiffer. Alot of guys like the softer bouncier feel of the marshall voltages and filtering.... I like...
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    Cameron CCV for sale in Canada

    That's my old amp. Glad to see where it went I was wondering who had it. Let me know if you ever want to sell it.
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    FS Carvin DC727

    Price drop $1499 shipped
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    FS Carvin DC727

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    Marshall 9200 dual monobloc power amp.

    Hehe I love these things
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    What's everyones backup rig?

    Ksr ceres with mesa d800 power amp sounds excellent If the ceres dies I can use the boss ms3 as well into the d800... I use the ceres with the ms3 into my 100 watt toaster fx return with a boogie 2x12. Great compact rig sounds massive.
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    NGD!! Finally a 24fret strat with a Floyd

    Sweet ! How's the upper fret access ? I'd love one of those with a hardtail
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    Is the 100 watt Marshall rig nearing extinction ?

    Not for me that's for sure
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    FS Carvin DC727

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    FS Carvin DC727

    Trade offers ?
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    JJ 6550 , 2 pairs

    All sold Thanks!
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    FS: Quilter Overdrive 202 w/blockdock hd cab

    $750 shipped bump , Killer deal