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    Got my first car with balls

    Nothing fancy to anyone into cars. 2017 Daytona 5.7L. I went from a 4 cylinder to this so it's a big step up for me but it's no Scat Pack. 370HP, 395lb torque where as the Scat Pack is 485HP and 475lb-ft. It is roughly $8k - $10k difference between the 2 and I just couldn't afford it. My car...
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    India Govt. Declares Most Populated State Officially COVID FREE After Widespread Use Of Ivermectin

    Dont let this get out. The covid makers and vaccine sellers will want you dead.
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    Shure sm57 with case and cables.

    $125 shipped. The mic is in excellent condition. Comes with shure soft case, hardshell case, xlr cables (m to f) and pop screen.
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    Sold - Various Pedals

    $125 shipped
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    Cerberus Erebus

    $750 shipped
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    G12H-30 anniversary quad

    Idk its been a while but this drummer I used to jam with had some of those old GBs. The Greenbacks sounded more agressive is the only thing I can say. Never got to A/B the cabs. The anniversaries in my opinion are really good speakers and essential for certain amps. I had a Fortin Cali and the...
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    Cerberus Erebus

    Another bump. I sold the original Guitarmory pickup so the Motor City will stay. Sounds slightly better imo anyhow.
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    Sold - Marshall Origin 50 Monomyth

    Never thought I'd sell this but priorities change. Probably the best and most agressive sounding amp you can find in this price range. Shea's work is incredible and this sent my Fortin amp packing. This does not have an FX loop. I will include the factory footswitch but it doesn't do anything...
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    GASing for a Bogner

    Have no idea. Was supposed to happen this summer but summer is basically over so idk. Reinhold posted pics of it and there's a secret demo floating around the internet.
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    GASing for a Bogner

    They're supposed to be dropping a new and improved Uberschall soon that can cover everything from the Green to the Twin, Jet. Clean channel too maybe with lots of switches.
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    Speaker Guys... in here

    I would also have to leave a Scumback comment. I can't say which "is most like" something else but what I can say is I have been eyeballing scumback speakers for years and finally decided to give them a shot and wish I had sooner. Ive tried a fair amount of speakers from different celestion to...
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    Rhodes Colossus: aborted, peppers dirty tree, Nolly IR

    That sounds sick. Pretty evil, love the tone.