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    NGD Inbound! Charvel So Cal Style 2

    Fuck yeah, i love these. I ended up putting together my own Warmoth SD Style 2. Shit fucks hard Funnily enough i put Fluence Classic and Single-Width pickups in it too
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    Bogner XTC Mini

    I still think it'd be awesome if they did a Synergy mini head that accepts one module with the built-in 30 watt SS power amp and could be used just like a Syn-1 or as a standalone amp. It'd obviously be more expensive than the other mini heads but I think it'd be a rad concept
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    How Old are Ya Guys?

    Pee in her butt bro
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    How Old are Ya Guys?

    this tbh
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    Set up the Mojave Scorpion

    I always wanted a Dirty Boy but I'm way too poor
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    Set up the Mojave Scorpion

    They're out of business now, aren't they?
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    How Old are Ya Guys?

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    Tracii Guns

    Someone needs to tell the singer to never wear that "shirt" again
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    Wizard amps

    I dig the lil side handle scoops on the Wiz headshells
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    best bang for the buck USB audio interface?

    The Tascam US2x2 is very good and very cheap. I also own an Audient id14 but tbh I don't really notice a difference between it and the much cheaper Tascam
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    Super High Gain Pickups

    My favorite high output bucker ever is the BG Hellabucker So good
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    Jose preamp clip

    Shit fucks
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    Schenker's place in the guitar god hierarchy

    Is that Billy Gibbons on the left?
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    Shipping problems are out of control

    Same. They "deliver" my shit to random addresses and claim they brought it to me
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    Super High Gain Pickups

    I used the Duncan Blackout EMTY and AHB-3 pickups in one of my axes for years; they're insanely hot but I dug em