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    New Yngwie single

    If he's gonna still run that steezy, he'd be better off hitting the slopes for 3 days straight and crashing that Ferrari. NO!!!!!!.....
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    Tone Of The Gods Pedal - Check out the Pro Demos By Brett Kingman + In The Blues Channel

    There's that box of dynamite for the roadhouse ripping! It's like a Leatherman of effect pedals. Keep JAMMIN'!
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    George Lynch WTF?

    This is on point. I'm a drummer by nature more then a guitarist so I know what you mean & I immediately picked up on that. I put this on in my monitor system and jammed on drums with it. 1st thing right outta the cannon is: He took the "chunky" route. There's much individual picking in the...
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    George Lynch WTF?

    He also msy be off due to no whammy bar. That would have helped lift the dryness from that badass goldtop. Honestly, it ain't easy to really pull off VH. Especially the rhythm section with a wizard guitarist on top. The dynamics are challenging in this song. We're used to hearing that killer...
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    George Lynch WTF?

    Well, the 1st thing I heard was after the intial start of the song, the entire vibe dropped out between the band and George. That's where a beast like EVH fills that gap. Just one of them bad match-ups & the wrong song at the wrong moment. I'd like to get on that goldtop though!
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    Friedman vs Cameron

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    Friedman vs Cameron

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    Friedman Mini SS20 20w for sale local

    That's rad! Just dime every control and walk away...
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    Carol-Ann Amps...

    Man, Alan's actually a down to earth guy. Our lives can change any moment and we all get our turn at the wheel. I sent him a Triptik2 a while back for an upgrade, then all the drama started. I get it, he had my amp a longtime but he made it right, waved the fee AND shipping. I do really dig his...
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    That sale was quicker then a two pump chump. Good work!
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    Gone New Genalex Gold Lion 12AX7 Gold Pin Preamp Tubes

    True! These were great in a Mesa Stilletto Ace.
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    "Newberschall" is coming.

    I remember getting a TJ & Uberkab. The amp needed to be modded right after it came out? The loop? Channel volume weirds? The depth knob was noisy /useless when you brought in the sub-lows ( what's the purpose?). I could get real groovy with Reinhold, hell yeah man but man make us some killer...
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    Carol-Ann Amps...

    Having owned many CA'S. Love the cleans to edge of break-up. But once the overdrive channels get clicked, NO. Too dark, almost sounds like air and when cut gets added, it just was blah. The best of his stuff wash his single channel JTM50.🤟 The Tucs, Trips, OD2-3 all suffered the channel...
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    NAD: Naylor SuperDrive 60

    RAD!! I dig the classical dude's!
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    FS: Mills Afterburner 4x12 straight cabinet $500

    "He", would be far better off selling it to a Guitar Center for $400. If I was still gettin' loaded, no way would I wanna deal with boxing, transporting and shipping it. It is weird times isn't it? I'm so sick of businesses/people using the Corona to their disingenuous advantages. I've been...