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    How do I cancel my account?

    How do I cancel my account? I looked through the Account Management page and see no options to do this.
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    Gibson Quality

    I've heard/read (on this forum even) that their QC has really stepped forward since the bankruptcy and Henry stepped down. So... 2019 models and newer are supposedly quite a bit better.
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    D-Moll versus VH4

    You're playing your guitar wrong. You're supposed to pick with your right hand. /kidding Glad it worked out for you!
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    Keyboard recommendation help?

    You looking for good piano style action? Those are three great brands, but also consider a Casio Privia model. Those are pretty nice. I'd recommend going to a GC with her and trying a few out. Many advertise "piano" action, but not all pianos feel the same, so there's a lot of subjectivity...
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    D-Moll versus VH4

    I've never played a VH4 so I can't comment on that end. I really like the D-Moll. The clean channel is one of the best I've played from a channel switching amp. Channels 2 and 3 get into heavy distortion very quickly, but if you crank the MV and channel volumes up a bit, then use the gain...
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    What's a good condition Peavey VTM 60 worth these days?

    MGR in Kenosha, WI had a VTM-120 for $599 that I was really considering going to snag but I just checked and it looks like it has sold. Visually seemed to be in VGC. I had a VTM-60 that sat on CL for months back in 2014-ish that finally went for $200 IIRC. They are such great amps. I wish I...
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    Is a Fender Tele anything to get excited about ?

    I dislike the Tele look. This attitude delayed my intro to a Tele until earlier this year when I bought a SDOTD G&L ASAT Classic Tribute. Alnico pickups instead of MFD, so pretty darn close to being a normal Swamp Ash Tele. I can take or leave the neck pickup. It's not BAD... just kind of meh...
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    Seymour Duncan JB Trembucker SOLD

    I assume 4 conductor, right?
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    Any Fryette GPDI technical know how?

    Oh, my GP/DI is fine lol. Haven't had any issues with it at all and still use it very regularly. Hasn't needed a re-tube or anything yet. A few years ago I bought a CLX from Guitar Center online in not great condition (broken EQ sliders, etc) so had it sent directly to Fryette for a full...
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    Whoa!!!! The price of Mesa amps has gone nuts!!

    There's a $2300 unmodded Mark III Red stripe 100W combo on the CL classifieds in Chicago. 5 years ago, those were sub $1K... in the $900 range. I see Trem O Verbs going for $2K. I got one in 2014 for $700 on eBay. I regret selling it. It really is insane. The only amp I still lust for is a...
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    Any Fryette GPDI technical know how?

    Were you a KS backer? Not that it's anything you don't know, but my experience with getting an amp repaired and fixed up by Fryette was pretty positive. Given that the GPDI is pretty compact, the shipping cost to get it out to them should be relatively reasonable. I'd probably get in touch with...
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    TRANSFORMERS - Let's discuss

    Thanks for this info. It's been about 10 years, but when I studied EE at the undergrad level, once you got through linear circuits, the whole curriculum seemed to turn very DSP and circuit logic based. Definitely not the place to learn about tubes... much more computer/computing hardware based...
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    Please update me on the past year of amplifiers

    I think the Mesa Badlander has been the big "new" amp to come out from Gibson.
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    Amps you've gigged with

    JCM 900 4501 combo straight up Fender M80 Head into a Peavey 4x12 with the Sheffield speakers Lee Jackson XLS-500 into Lee Jackson 4x12... don't know what speakers but it sounded GOOD JCM-800 4210... worst amp I've ever had Fender Blues Jr. into Avatar 1x12 open back cab with EVM-12L Carvin...