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    Gil Yaron LP replica + small box Marshall = tone

    Having owned quite a few, I can tell you the hype surrounding Yaron guitars is the real deal. They’re superb.
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    Coordinated Starvation

    It's a big club. And you ain't in it.
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    Elon Musk

    Might be time to build an ark, for the tears are about to flood the earth.
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    The Guitar Guru Network (The fake tracking number scam goes on)

    So is Reverb improving or getting worse?
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    Halford is the metal GOAT..

    Great bands, great music, and great guitar tones in this thread, for sure. Which is part of why I can’t help but get a little depressed when I turn on the radio and hear the utter garbage which passes for music these days. Just makes me sick.
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    Jerry Cantrell's guitar artwork

    And George Lynch is slowly morphing into the Witcher.
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    What is your preferred speaker for use with Wizard amps?

    For use with a 4x12 cab. Hard rock, metal.
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    Going to order a Wizard MTL Mark II - suggestions?

    I’ve been periodically checking your YT channel for years, and I have to say you get some outrageously righteous tones from Wizard amps. Really well done. :cheers:
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    Wait time

    Thanks, Larry. :2thumbsup:
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    Wait time

    I can’t say waiting longer than a year is something I’ve ever considered before. However, I have heard great things about the Dino.
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    Wait time

    Did you place your order recently? I’ve tried to contact Larry regarding current prices and wait times, but haven’t heard back as yet. He’s probably just busy right now.
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    Welp, found a singer, that means new Larry songs!

    The thing that ruins a lot of modern metal for me is the vocals. No, I don't mean cookie monster vocals or any of that. What I mean is songs where the vocals start on practically the first beat and don't let up until the final note. At some point in the song, just give it a rest for five...
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    Wait time

    Is anyone currently on the wait list?
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    Using multiple amps at once?

    Blending a super lead with a JCM 800, or a Mark V with a Rectifier, doesn't sound like a good idea. But a plexi with a Herbert, or a Wizard with an Uberschall, might produce good results.
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    Plugging A 9 String Into A DROP Pedal?

    Don't listen to this on your mobile device. Instead, check it out with something with decent audio. Hilarious. :D