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    Perfect addition to my guitar room

    Very cool!
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    Bam Margera house is now a studio

    I loved that show when I was a teenager backs in the 2000s
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    2022 Dual Rectifier in action...

    Awesome stuff!
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    Celestion G12K-100's are one of the best speakers around. Try to say I'm wrong.

    Tried them and didn't like them at all. To be fair I mainly enjoy vintage tones.
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    This Reverb listing....

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    DragonCrestPC = Quick Payment and Great Communication

    Thanks bro! Amazing job on your part too! Thanks again!
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    I played a 5150 Iconic Head today.....

    I found it enjoyable but not my thing, very killer for high gainy tones.
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    The Night I Hung with Guitar Gods (A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails)

    Awesome! APC is one of my fav bands. Congrats on meeting Billy, he seems like a great guy.
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    Everyone’s favorite high gain Brit amp?

    Any boosted marshall.
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    New LES PAUL DAY!!!

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    How is it here to buy and sell?

    Always had/have great luck here.
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    Worst news imaginable after a show

    That sucks! Sorry for the loss.
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    Dan has passed

    WTF that's horrible! RIP.
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    SOLD 1967 Marshall Plexi 50T

    So awesome!! GLWS!
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    Joe Holmes is back!

    Very awesome!