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    Has anyone used an RJM PBC to channel switch a PT-100?

    I've been doing my channel switching with other amps using a multi pin cable from an RG-16. It's super easy to program and save. I know the MIDI input on the PT100 doesn't act in the same way (though I wish the amp did have a multi pin switching port and make my life easier.). I am...
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    Any US dealers for the Ampete 444?

    Yeah. If I buy one used I'd like to keep it under 1k. Good to know BAD builds them. If I have an issue I can get it fixed in the states. Thanks.
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    Any US dealers for the Ampete 444?

    The Delisle stuff doesn't have the simple MIDI switching that I need. I was looking at the KHE in a single rack space but it doesn't have a shared global line out.
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    Any US dealers for the Ampete 444?

    I thought Tone Merchants and Music Zoo carried that piece but that no longer seems to be the case. The used prices are way to close to the price of a new one to bother with. I'd rather have the warranty available if I'm spending over $1000. Does anyone know of a shop in the states that...
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    WTB: Bogner Ecstasy 20th Anniversary headshell (wheat grill)

    I just realized these are interchangeable for mounting a 101B chassis. I'd like to have the wider headshell with the wheat grill. If someone has one they want to let go let me know.
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    Turning my XTC Green Ch into a Helios 70's/Plex

    I know the Green Channel is based on a Super Reverb so the component values are different but I wonder if it's doable with how it shares preamp valves. Probably not but it would make this my perfect rock amp. I don't see a lot of activity on the Bogner website so they may not do mods to the...
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    FS or FT: Pair of A-Designs EM-PEQ 500 series EQ's

    $795/pc $1500/pair I know Rigtalk probably has more players than recording/mixing engineers but I figured I'd post these anyway. I bought them new back when they first came out at $1175 a piece through VK. They have lived in an API500 chassis, smoke free. They sound incredible but I'm doing...
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    Ecstasy 101S: built after the 100B/before the 101B?

    I'm curious how much different a 101S is from a pre-2004 XTC 101B. They look to have the same loop and half power switch. Anyone have an idea of the differences?
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    Dr. Z Airbrake - SOLD

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    FT/FS: Groove Tubes Soul-O-75

    $1600 This amp is located in Chicago and a local cash and carry is ideal. The price includes PP fees and shipping (with insurance) to the Continental 48. I bought the amp new from a dealer in the mid-90's and it was loaded with EL34's. Over time I switched to 6L6's and kept it that way for...
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    FS/FT: Bogner Shiva EL34 Reverb Head

    $1600 This amp is located in Chicago and local deals are preferred. The amp is in tip top shape. It was retubed and biased about a year ago but sparingly played since. These tubes might have 30 hours on them. Trade offers for ES-335's or choice Tele's are preferable. The price includes...
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    Can the old wheat grill cloth still be custom ordered?

    I'm thinking about getting a 212CB with H30/V30s to stack my Greenback cab on and I'd love to find one with the old wheat grill. I know I've seen some recent Voodoo amps with that same weave so I know it's being made for someone. Never found out why Bogner discontinued it as an option but has...
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    WTB: Bogner Helios 50

    If anyone is interested in selling a 50 watt Helios let me know. I'm in Chicago. Gear for trade in case you are looking: Bogner Shiva EL34 A-Designs EM-PEQ (x2) 500 series pultec-style eq. Fulltone CS-MDV vibe pedal Whirlwind Orange Phaser Dr. Z Airbrake Grace Felix Acoustic Dual Preamp
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    Similarities between the Suhr Shiba vs. Rocket Blue Note?

    My apologies if you see this in another forum. I've done quite a bit of searching and found that not a lot of people use these pedals the way I am interested in. I own an early Shiba Drive and use it as a neck pickup lead boost. I don't really love it in any other application but the way it...