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    Lets see your Jackson Soloists!!

    2005 SL2H USA Select
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    Looking again....EVH Combo

    Congrats brotha!
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    Rivera 412 Cab Unloaded

    Great cabs! I had a straight cab version for a long time. GLWS!
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    Gone - Suhr Reb Beach

    Killer guitar for sure!
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    Digitech Drop

    Great pedal! Makes gigging so much easier! GLWS!
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    Killer axe Art!
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    Knaggs Kenai - SOLD

    WOW! That's BAD ASS! :eek:
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    Thanks brotha! Good luck with that Kami! That thing is bad ass!!!
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    Custom Shop Soloist - *2018 Custom Shop Soloist *Poly White (has aged to a vanilla white) *Speed Neck *Direct mount pickups *Currently has a Suhr Aldrich set in it. I have the original JB/'59. *Added stainless/titanium/brass block upgrades. I have all the original parts. *Added a Red Bishop...
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    Is Customer Service Dead?

    I most certainly did. They felt bad about it, but there's not a whole lot they can do other than help me out the best they can. They're certainly doing that.
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    Is Customer Service Dead?

    All good man. Yeah... The guitar played just fine. But he found the issue right away and let me know. It still "feels" fine. Just has these issues. UPDATE BTW... Got things worked out with the builder. All will be rectified. No thanks to the a** hat dealer. I'm not going to crucify anyone...
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    Is Customer Service Dead?

    Damn dude. I hope all is well and I hope the move is a good one for you. All the best brother.
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    Is Customer Service Dead?

    Nope. Sorry. The crack was the first thing that was discovered when my tech was changing the strings. After he installed the strings, he went to do a slight adjustment and discovered what was happening with the truss rod. I have no idea how this was either missed or what could have occurred...