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    Partscaster Pros....

    I've built a few, my Warmoth and MJT builds were easy and are bangers but are very traditional in design and components. The one where I went outside of the box (hotrodded 2 hum tele, 24 fret roasted neck) is a pretty big let down. i think the root of the issue is the bridge, but it's a...
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    Chubtone Necks?

    sweet Jesus that's sexy!
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    David Lee Roth is Retiring After His Last 5 Upcoming Shows in Las Vegas

    Listening to Hair Nation on Sirius the other night and they mentioned this as well. Dave has made some rather dark and ominous comments about his overall health and longevity. Wonder if we're seeing the last days of DLR?
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    How do you manage gig dates and rehearsals with your bands?

    man I know that's right. throw in that half the guys in my band work other projects, so it ends up where I'm trying to keep up with 3 bands' schedules lol
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    How do you manage gig dates and rehearsals with your bands?

    Struggling to find an app or platform that's easy enough for everyone, regardless of technical aptitude (lookin' at the drummer), that gives us a shared schedule that users can see and modify. Curious what everyone uses? Any suggestions?
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    Friedman Ben Eller 100 vs Ben Eller Mini

    Andy is a monster. I'm convinced part of it is that he came up as a mandolin\bluegrass guy before he moved to guitar. He's constantly in my playlist.
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    Bad Cat - WTF customer service!

    this may be the single greatest response of all time. Stealing to use this in my vernacular.
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    Am I missing out on anything with boutique amps?

    same. boosting my 101b with a $100 maxon TS lol
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    Shawn lane at 24.

    was there more to the story than what was told?
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    Guitar Decals for restoration

    Uncle Nerky on fb. makes some cool stuff
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    Shawn lane at 24.

    heard this when I was young, my guitar teacher had a bootleg of a similar performance in Memphis, still get chills when he sings "Shawn Lane begins to howl!". Cheesey? Yes. Pure nostalgia? Yes. Freak-of-nature talent? Yes. He was a once-in-a-generation player.
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    Shawn lane at 24.

    here he is at 17....this is just nuts.
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    What is your go to amp, guitar, pedal(s) and speakers.

    Our band does classic rock, blues\southern rock, and some old country. My Shiva is my go-to do-it-all amp for this gig, running it through a 212 bogner copy cab with a v30 and g75h. Occasionally run it through a 112 with a creamback. Pedalboard is pretty simple - HX effects in the loop, a...
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    Uh Oh 68 pedals! Analogman is coming for ya

    the irony of a guy who cloned two pedals to make a pedal getting angry about someone cloning his pedal....
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    Uh Oh 68 pedals! Analogman is coming for ya

    my duelist clone kicks ass. If you want a headache, check out his website. I remember building a page like that 20 years ago lol