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    ZEN Amps YouTube channel is finally live

    Great tones there. I dig it!
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    Megadeth - We'll Be Back

    What I’m finding interesting about the guitar tone is it sounds good on my earbuds, but when I listen on my nicer headphones and interface it sounds smaller and a bit low in the mix. It cuts still, but it lacks body and doesn’t sound as good as it does on the earbuds imo. That said, I’m digging...
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    Impulse Response vs Real Cab (Blind Test Comparison)

    What poweramp was used? I didn’t catch that in the video.
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    Meshuggah gear article for Immutable (EVH) this time

    Yeah it's a bit rounder and warmer. Not that that is a bad thing, but I too didn't find the tone as interesting as some of their others. To contrast, I thought the tone sounded great on Violent Sleep of Reason. That was a few amps layered if I remember correctly.
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    Just had to share... Incredible talent.

    That was awesome!
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    The best 5150 ever made?

    I haven’t messed with the 100w EL34, but I also find the 100w Stealth to be relatively forgiving. When you’re trying to keep it super low there is a spot where it will jump up a bit, but I find it not terribly hard to keep it between mouse fart to tv/bedroom level if you want.
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    The right Wizard model for me.

    Lol yep that's yours.
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    Motor City Pickups -- TWreck

    I've never played real T-Tops, so I can't give a direct comparison; however, my understanding is also that its his take on them. I have a set that I've had in a couple of different guitars - one is a warm sounding flying V and the other a neutral sounding single cut style guitar. I thought they...
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    The right Wizard model for me.

    There’s another recent thread with an MCii posted in the rig-talk section that sounds way better than the one’s posted in this thread. I also think mic placement is hurting those other ones. Check out the clip in that other thread, though. It sounds great.
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    Wizard MC II mic'd with SM57 youtube vid.

    Sounds killer!
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    New to me: '79 JMP Cameron Aldrich

    Sounds good man. I dig it.
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    Motor City 3rd Degree Black Belt???

    I've never played one, but I read a post from Wade on his FB where he said they're actually lower output than the 2nd degree. A3 magnet and voiced a little different, while still being in the "blackbelt" family.
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    plugins and di boxes....

    If you don't have an interface, you'd need to start there first.
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    EVH 5150III EL34 Ground Loop in FX Loop

    I noticed my 100w 6L6 Stealth getting a ground type of hum in the loop as well. I hardly ever use my loop and I don't recall it doing it previously, but it's been there the past few months. I tried swapping the power tubes and all the preamp tubes one-by-one and it's still there. With a cable in...
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    Should I be concerned?

    Oh yeah I caught that it was different guitar. Just saying that I didn't think you were being to anal about that sending that one back.