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    Washburns Dimebag Signature Guitars

    I have both. What you heard is not true. My USA model is lightyears better than my import.
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    Recomend me a 1U Rack Effects Unit...

    Digitech GSP1101
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    Invader 2 power tube LED/lamp

    Anyone know the specs of the blue LED that illuminates the power tubes of the Invader 2?
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    Voltage conversion

    I have a US Herbert Mk I that I'll be taking with me when I move to Europe. Is it possible to convert it to 220v using the same transformer? Any instructions for it? Thanks!
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    looking to get a Torpedo Live or Studio

    Hi, Looking to purchase a Torpedo Live or Studio and I'd like to know if I can hook up a guitar preamp and an amp, and whether it's possible to switch between them on a per preset basis in mono. I was looking into the Studio diagram below but I couldn't find any references on what the circle...
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    Profiling with a Kemper but no cab/mic in signal path

    To you Kemper owners, can an amp be profiled without a cab? Lets say from an amp's speaker out -> HK red box (cab sim off) -> HK balanced out back to Kemper? (amp will still be 'loaded' with a cab, of course, just not included in the profile). I'm toying with the idea of profiling my amps but...
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    JVM410H/JVM410HJS/Yeti. what are your thoughts?

    First of all, I already did a search and also browsed the JVM and Marshall forums. I did find a lot of info but I just wanted to get Rig Talker's thoughts on this particular amp. The only Marshall I have ever had in my entire life is a solid state MG100 so I have no way of knowing what a...
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    from Ethos to Wampler Paisley???

    Hi all! I thinking of replacing my Ethos with the Wampler Paisley just for the sake of smaller footprint. I also tought about replacing the Ethos with a Zendrive but I read somewhere that Paisley replaced his Zendrive with his signature Wampler. I'm not the biggest Brad Paisley fan but I do...
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    just ordered some new tubes UPDATE:RUBYS & TUNGSOLS

    i did some research and finally settled on this (ordered from dougstubes) 3 Tung-Sol 12AX7 re-issue (high gain) 3 Ruby 12AX7AC5 HG+ (high gain) 4 Ruby EL34 BHT (matched quad) these are all going in to a herbert. i have a matched pair of sed =c= 6L6 that'll also go in there with the EL34...
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    herbert plate voltage

    hello guys. i was biasing my herbert yesterday loaded with 4x6550 and 2x6L6. I was trying to calculate the bias on my own and came to measure the plate voltage - meter set to Vdc, black to ground, red to pin 3. It reads 453Vdc on all of output the tubes. I did a search here and found that...
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    herbert channel 1 dies...

    Hello Peter and Terry, My channel 1 dies when I switch to it after playing for a few hours. I already put in the midi chip and relay driver you sent me a few months ago. I don't think it's the tubes because I have gone through two whole sets for the past year and I don't even gig with the...
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    she's hot naked...

    haha. got ya, pervs. :lol: :LOL: ...though it is hot and it is naked i was referring to this i'm actually in the process of retubing the whole thing and they should arrive tomorrow. it currently has 4 ruby el34, 2 ruby 6l6 (outer pair), a bunch of jj front end, and an EH 12AX7 (the one...
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    Herbert tuner out - part 2

    hello guys. i did a quick search about the herbert's tuner out and it brought me to this thread: but my problem is kind of different. the tuner out works even when my amp is muted (even on standby!), but what i'm...
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    THANKS, PETER! (Herbert content)

    Hi Peter, Just replied to your email with my address regarding the MIDI chip. I actually sent you my address before you emailed but I guess it got filtered as junk. Damn AOL :doh: And where's the button for PM? Can't seem to find it... :confused: Thanks, Marvin
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    Herbert MIDI chip

    Hello Peter. Where can I obtain a MIDI chip for a Herbert #001/206? I am having trouble with the clean channel dying on me when I switch to it after playing for a period of time. When you say "controller chip," do you mean the MIDI chip? And where can I also get a "relay driver?" Salwender...