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    Upgrade the speaker in my combo, or buy a 412...

    I have a PRS Archon 25 combo, I like it a lot, but I find that the open back G12-T75 is a bit lacking. I have been thinking about either upgrading the speaker to something that sounds bigger in a combo, or just buying a 412 to run it through. This is just for jamming at home, mostly at lower...
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    Yamaha THR-10X or Boss Katana air for home practice

    I'm looking for something I can use at home for practicing, and still get a good tone, at a low volume. I have heard a lot about the Yamaha THR-10X, and it sounds really good. That said the Boss Katana gets good reviews as well, plus it has wireless. Anyone here try them both for high gain...
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    Got a Fractal AX8 last week...Man does it rock!!!

    I picked up a new AX8, got it Friday last week, and it is killer!!! I had an AxeFx standard a number of years ago, but I can't get over how far the modellers have come!!! IMO they are the best rig for playing at home especially if you have to keep the volume down. I have been playing though...
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    Price check 97 PRS Custom 24, 10 top

    I might be letting my PRS go, but I have no clue what it is worth. It is a 1997 CU24 10 top hardtail with a wide thin neck. This is the only hard tail PRS I have ever seen with a thin neck, they almost always have the wide fat. I also have the original pickups, but I have some fishman fluence...
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    Thinking about going digital again...AX8

    So my wife is pregnant, and I'll be loosing the music room to a nursery. I am thinking about selling my Archon, and getting an AX8, and a small headphone amp since I won't be able to crank the Archon with a baby in the house. The form factor of the AX8 is very appealing, and has the same amp...
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    Just one guitar...What pickups are the most versitile

    I have had just one amp for the past year, and I am liking the simplicity of it. I have been thinking about trimming down to a single guitar too. Just my PRS Custom 24 hard tail. I love everything about that guitar except the pickups. Also if I do have only one guitar I will need some...
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    Fane medusa, anyone ever use them??

    I have been looking into a new speaker to change up the sound of my amp, found a fane medusa 100, and 150 NOS for a really smoking price. Anyone know if they are any good?
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    Sometimes things just work out...

    I decided a while ago to simplify and go with a single amp, and cab. At the time I had three 1x12s, one 2x12, and one 4x12. I also had four amps. I decided since I like my Archon the most I would sell everything, and get an Archon 25 combo since I just play at home. Well last weekend I sold my...
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    Favourite speaker for a high gain 112 combo

    I know combo amps in general are not too popular around here, but I have sold all of my other amps, and have a PRS Archon 25 combo on its way to me. It comes with a G12T75 which tbh I don't have a lot of faith in it sounding great with that amp. I still have a G12EVH, and a Jensen Electric...
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    New Fane speakers

    Since I am getting down to a small simple rig I have been researching speakers. With a 1x12 combo it is cheap to try a few different ones. I have been reading some good things about the new Fane speakers, and the Avatar versions are on sale for pretty cheap. Anyone have any experience with...
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    Old mesa 1/2 back 412

    I found a good deal locally on an old mesa 1/2 back 412 one with the metal grill. Has two MC90s in the top, and supposed to have celestions in the bottom, but he doesn't know what model. I remember reading that those cabs weigh a ton other than that what is the consensus on them?
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    Speaker recomendation for Mark V

    I will just start with saying that I don't like V30s. Any time I compare a speaker to them I almost always prefer the other speaker. Right now I have Jensen Electric lightnings in my Forte cabs, but I am looking for something different for the Mark V 25. I was thinking maybe a Scumback J75...
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    Comparing the Archon to the 5150 III to the BFG Double deuce

    And the Archon won by quite a bit!!! The BFG Double Duce could keep up with a boost, without the boost it was too dark, and vintage for my tastes. The 5150 III seemed to always have a bit of fizz on the high end compared to the Archon which isn't a bad thing, but kind of gets fatiguing over...
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    NAD...The Archon has landed!!!

    Once UPS Delivers I hate the waiting game
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    Fryette Valvulator GP/DI...Was it worth the wait??

    I came very close to getting in on the kickstarter. I always thought that one of these would make the ultimate practice amp especially paired with a good 1x12. I saw one in the classifieds, and just missed out on picking it up, so I am still thinking about trying to pick one up, so anyone who...