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    Guitar techniques you can't do?

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    ENAD! 1988 Mesa Mark III++ Coliseum

    Hell yeah!!! Congrats brother!
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    Post your 2023 stable here

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    Post your 2023 stable here

    A fucking mess. That’s what I have.
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    Juarez wound Pearly Gates. $110 shipped

    Not the prettiest pickup but works and sounds like it should. If you know? You know.
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    SF Craigslist AFD 100 good deal

    A bit steep. I’d say $1750 is fair.
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    NAD: Meeting A Forumite in the Wild

    I've met a few of you lowlifes in the wild. Including our fallen leader RIP.
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    Everything about this song sucks.

    My wife’s sister would like it. Maybe.
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    amp head shelves for your guitar room?

    That has been stuck in that forever. I just haven’t throw. It out. I have an analog one that is much more reliable it’s between 40 and 50
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    Go get it fellers!! Super Rare Solid State Splawn Quickrod

    Thanks for the heads up! These rule!
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    Songs with your favorite tones , players or LP's.

    Speak English Or Die.