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    Is there a change in hot amps - Helios, Sm Box vs. Cameron?

    I have been hearing some great tones out of the Small Box and Helios, they are readily available and built by reputable guys. There have been quite a few used Cameron's up for sale, and even pretty cheap. I like the Cameron tones I have heard but don't want a gooped amp nobody can fix. I have...
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    Simple Simon - Steve Morse - tab anyone?

    Killer tune with some great playing. I'm lookingbtombreak outside the Box a bit. Does anyone have tab to this song? Thanks
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    Suhr Modern Satin/mahogany body

    Anyone played these? Compare to Alder Basswood etc? I know on paper mahogany is supposed to be thicker darker tone. But I have seen lots of variation across SG's, LP's, Melody Makers, etc. They look like a rest guitar to buy one in red and then do custom paint on. Tone and quality is...
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    Guitar Center kept their word... So NGD!

    Link to the model picture. I went to GC to see what cool is in the used dept. Guys there were almost all new, new store manager. Odd. Anyway, I was looking at some PRS single cuts. Guy is telling me how great they are and one is insanely...
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    Buyer Drama....

    I have noticed lots of threads on bad transactions, gear not like advertised... Seller is gone from the board. Buyer drama, hate it... Man I'm glad I don't have any of that... Just buy and sell with the regulars.. And another smooth transaction with brother Steve K.
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    Simple but good multi effect, rack or floor standalone

    I have a few pedals, dozen or so, for reverb and delay, modulation. Music type is new blues, rock, metal. I'm looking for something to provide the delay, verb, chorus, possibly pitch effects. Well be using amp based distortion with a cleanish boost or two. I don't care it it the latest...
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    The Het Set EMG's... What tones besides Master of Puppies?

    So what besides The Het are you getting from these? Are they any good for The good old Dokken, hair metal, etc? Lead player pups or just chuggmeisters?
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    Amazed by a new gemini.. build shots, Way cool design.

    I drank the Koolaid. Listened to all the clips I could find. I plunked down the pay pal and took the plunge. My Gemini arrived today and I had about 2 hours to mess with it. I forgot to bring the manual home from work. It sounded great. I called Kyle about some self created problem, he...
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    Nolatone -Super Bug ?

    Top o the morning RT peeps. i found another mystery amp and would like your opinions on the brand anp amp. Nolatone Super Bug. Functional but trashed condition. I found one that plays. It looks like hell, needs some work toghtening up here and there. Loud.. But sounds really good. I...
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    Atomica Transformers

    Mark, is that you? Your boyfriend ?
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    Bogner XTC as compared to the pedals?

    Short story... I tried an XTC at ATL Guitar Center. It was meh.. Came back a few times again, still sounded uninspiring. I heard a Red demo, fantastic! I like the Blue demo Bob did. No doubt the XTC had something wrong with it. So many loyal XTC owners swear by it as a Desert Island amp...
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    Colossus or Gemini ?

    In looking for a great channel switcher, these two look very interesting. The latest NAMM demo vids look good. Anybody done time with either amp or both? The high gain is great on both. I heard some great cleans out of the Gemini. How does either do some classic rock type stuff...
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    About Les Paul Customs, Norlin Era? Good years?

    I have a chance to get a LP Custom, 1990. I have been reading about the Norlin era and pancakes. Some good or bad. There are plenty of customs out there in the used market. For a good solid rock and roll guitar, is there a best era? I'm keeping it under 3500. Ideas in what to look for...
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    New pups for 2001 custom 24 PRS

    It now has the HFS and Vintage Bass. I keep hearing the 57/08 is the good stuff. I was leaning toward a set of Crossroads for my LP. I like a more rock pup. The guitar will be for classic rock and bluesy rock mainly. Amp used would be DSL and Dr. Z, MKIIC maybe. The guitar to take and...
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    MindsEye - smooth trade

    We struck a deal on an amp trade over the weekend. The amps shipped Monday, as promised. The amp came packed very well. We exchanged pics of the gear and it came in the condition promised. It is nice to have everything go smoothly as planned. He is a great guy to deal with. Peace.