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    He's at it again!!!!

    I was fixated on that LP in the background with the maple neck. Hnnnnng!
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    PRS players, owners, etc. let’s see pics!

    The Holcomb models have a 20" radius. Though I have older core models as well, I was surprised that the Holcomb is really easy and comfortable to play.
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    Looking for Suhr Aldrich bridge pickup replacement

    You sound like me with my LP. Finnicky, fickle, maddening, awesome beast that needed the right pickups. Ended up getting a BK Nailbomb set (used, here on this site, actually) and it was both a surprise and a pleasure to realize I found the set I will never replace. That was 10+ years ago.
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    New to the Knaggs world.

    Your facility in buying and selling guitars so often (like today!) is either a skill or a curse that I do not have. Not sure I could do what you're doing, but you be you, you.
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    High End Gear Purge (ESPs, Knaggs, Mayones, PRS) - Updated 8-3-21

    Ok, then. It's official. You win the internet. Seriously.
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    thinking about ditching the 496/500's in my explorer. Throw me suggestions

    I can speak from personal experience. My keeper Explorer tried out Afwayus, Aldrich(es?), BKP Nailbombs, even Gibson 57/57+, and still with all those awesome pickups, it wasn't right. Mrs. I bought this for my b-day, so I mean it's mine for life, so I may as well figure out what works...
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    WTB: Paul Reed Smith SC245/SC58

    One on TGP: (Not mine, but I'm a sucker for the moons vs. the birds, so it caught my eye.)
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    SOLD: PRS CU24 30th Anniv - Violet $2.5k shipped

    Under the neck pickup you'll see the modcat. Use this to get all the specs of your guitar:
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    WTB: EMG 60 - FOUND!!

    Should you have one laying around in your desk drawer unused and bored, let me know. I have a guitar that is screaming for one. Just need the quick-connect pickup. I don't need rings or springs. I'm in OR. Thanks.
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    Please delete

    Please delete.
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    Sold. Please delete.

    Sold. Please delete.
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    Sold - please delete

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    NKAPD (New Kick Ass Preamp Day): Mako MAK 4 pics/clip within

    My recording gear evolves again. A couple of weeks ago, I tried a Blackstar HT5, going the cheap route and thinking 5 watts would be a really useful amount of sound. Fortunately for me, the clean channel crapped out shortly after plugging the amp in, and 5 watts is PLENTY loud (too loud for me...