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    Michigan guitar/amp repair

    Thanks for the input guys. I’m up in the thumb, so there’s always travel involved lol. Any experience with Phat Cat guitars in Saginaw ?
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    Michigan guitar/amp repair

    I’ve been dabbling with minor repair on a old bc rich platinum via YouTube, but I’m a long ways from luthier being sole income 😂 thanks again guys
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    Michigan guitar/amp repair

    Hey guys. Looking for input on who you contact for guitar work (refret, pickup install, etc) and amp maintenance. I can google, but the knowledge on here is great! Thanks in advance 🤘
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    Okay. I’m her new groupie.

    Me too
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    Experimenting with the Mesa Studio Preamp

    Damn dude!!! Another awesome video from you! I’ve lurked on here for awhile, and honestly, the main reason I got a profile was to tell you how awesome your “shit” is !!! Keep em coming!!! p.s loved the Ministry feel to that riff!! 🤘🤘
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    Cool, glad to hear that! Thanks!
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    Hey guys. Thinking of having stainless frets put in a esp eclipse. There’s binding on the neck, which I like. Would I lose the binding on a refret? Thanks in advance
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    Forty Six and Two

    Bad ass dude!! Sounds great, and it looks like you got a sweet jam room!
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    pickup comparison videos (EMG vs Fishman)

    To my ears, I’m really digging your production/ sound!
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    Prs Mt 15 Tremonti + two notes captor

    Sounds good! The battery/ Orion segue was tits!
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    Guitarist of the Year 2020 finalist

    Best of luck, you got my vote
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    Cameron Modded Marshall - SOLD

    Any video?