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    Cranked amps sound bad

    I've always thought this. 4 or 5 on the dial is the sweet spot. Power tubes are working and it's not stressed. Mids get way to hard and honky after that
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    Soon to be new Les Paul owner question.

    Yep. Me too. After carpal tunnel surgery, I went to 9's, 1/2 down on everything. Even the Paul's
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    Friedman vs Cameron

    Is there a reason Dave went to this ugly ass blacked out look? As if the ugly black rims on cars weren't enough...
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    nut width for chubtone order?

    I do most of mine with 1 11/16 nut and an R2 nut like Tom Anderson.
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    Favourite speaker for a high gain 112 combo

    Neo creamback. Lightens up a small combo for travel, takes higher wattage, and sounds great...
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    Anyone given an amp a ‘second chance’ and glad they did???

    New Bogner XTC in 2008. Just could not understand it and it had a few issues. Bought another In 2014 and it's one of my favs...
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    Tremonti or Aldrich (PRS content)

    I prefer the Tremonti. It's the only PRS pickup I like besides the Dragons
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    OPINION: Newer Charvels are not very good. Neither are SD JBs

    I bought one of those MIM chlorine burst Charvel pro mod San dimas' from Guitar Centers used site for $475. I swear someone musta bought it and returned it immediately. Brand new condition. I was surprised with how thin the neck was and it took a little getting used to since I like a fatter...
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    I finally scored an Ecstasy 101B!

    Haha. I Believe it...
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    Just pocked up the evh phase 90..

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    I finally scored an Ecstasy 101B!

    I always run mine at half power as these f'ers are loud...
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    Bogner Bias for XTC 101B

    Bogner always recommended 31-32. That's where I keep mine
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    whats your favorite pickup switching options for HSS strat?

    Yes. Done. You can stop there...
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    What's a good headstock tuner?

    Intellitouch PT10c is my favorite
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    Les Paul Refret Nibs Question

    Yep. I got rid of the nibs on both my LP's as well. I always thought the nibs were stupid. It feels and plays much better with the frets running to the edges...