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    Do you bias your amps or take them in?

    Do it myself with a bias master setup, works great
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    Hi guys I hope you are all doing well...a little video for ya.

    Sounds great Mark, I see you've got your fingers back! Nice backups too. Is your drummer using the internal sounds on the edrums or a outside program? Any idea? They seemed really responsive, stuff like that shuffle Porcaro does in that song doesn't always translate well on my V drum/SD3...
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    El34s - can brand result in +/- 50% gain?

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    RIP Leslie West

    Man, sad day When Mississippi queen hit the radio, I lived in cali and they played it nonstop. Normally that makes me hate a song because I heard it too much, but his tone on that song was one of the first times I can ever remember thinking "That guitar tone is badass to its core" Plus his...
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    The happiest NGD!!!

    Very cool score! I bet it plays like butter!
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    Pickup issue

    So my buddy got an SG, When his hand is close to the bridge pickup (all the time) it makes a weird squealing noise. Never run into this before, anybody ever run into this? The pickups are supposedly stock, obviously we will change it out if needed, just wondering what could cause this Thanks
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    Monkey Man, Do tell...

    I'm seeing a lot about the Chinese infiltration of Australia and of course Hong Kong, Taiwan and some other countries too. Some of it makes sense from a strategic standpoint seeing as the CCP has wanted to take over several countries for a long time, and can use them in an obvious context, but...
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    Adam Jones bridge pickup?

    Anyone got any info?
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    Line out for a Marshall circuit?

    Ive got a modded plexi I would love to add a line out with a level control to, can anyone draw or point me to a schem on it and where to insert it? Any help would be greatly appreciated :yes:
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    Channel switching on the BE100DLX with a switcher

    Dave, Can I switch the channels on the 100DLX with my Boss ES8 loop switcher by using a split 1/4 in stereo adapter at the ES8 to the single stereo plug in the back of the amp? I was guessing yes, but figured I would verify BTW, the amp is a bonifide ass kicker! Thanks
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    Anyone built a guitar from Warmoth parts?

    Just wondering how it turned out
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    7 string pickups?

    Got a friend who plays a seven string PRS SE who needs a bridge pickup for hi gain, I have zero experience with these. Any recommendations?? Thanks!
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    BOSS WAZA tube amp expander?

    Very interested in one of these, looks killer for a wet/dry/wet and studio setup. Looks like an improved version of the UA OX with way more routing and setup options. To be released soon-
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    Mojotone effects loop?

    I see they have a self contained high voltage loop that can be configured different ways, with or without send/return levels at a great price (70.00) Does not look bad at all to install, just wondering about the tone, anybody tried one?? Is the Metro loop still available? I know those are great...
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    Axe Efx 3??

    So, who has one that has some amps to compare it to, and what are you guys using for power amps? Anyone using a tube power amp? Im thinking about taking the plunge, I have a Marshall Dual Monoblock 100/100 power amp I could run it with along with a bunch of cabs, but what say you?? Anyone had...