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    Talk to me about the Line 6 DT25/50

    Bought my dt50 head NOS about 5 years ago. No issues at all.
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    Jeff Healy & SRV were the last time i was interested in the Blues.

    Agreed. Check out Marcus King. Very cool young dude that can sing and play.
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    Tube Supply and China invading Taiwan

    If we go to war with China, getting tubes for your amps will be the last thing you will be worrying about. 😉
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    PRS players, owners, etc. let’s see pics!

    I have a few Mccarty 594 S2 Studio Tremonti 10 top 2006 Singlecut 10 top Gary Grainger 5 string
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    Friedman SS-100 Steve Stevens | VIDEO

    Killer sounding amp. Nice Electric Gypsy licks too.:)
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    Love my 594 as well. Fantastic guitar. Happy NGD,
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    New Synergy Modules! We can finally talk about them! 2C+!!!

    This is where it's all subjective. I don't think a recto is even close to the most brutal metal tone of all time. I think a 5150, Engl Powerball, Revv Generator and about 20 other Amps can get way more brutal sounding than a recto. But my definition of brutal could be totally different than yours.
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    New Synergy Modules! We can finally talk about them! 2C+!!!

    My guess is a Shiva and maybe something Marshally like a Jubilee. Or maybe a Friedman JJ? But I'm betting on the Shiva.
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    Engl Inferno?

    I'm not sure about that, The only other Engls I have seen that share like this are the SE and Blackmore. And the SE is definitely based off the Blackmore.
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    Engl Inferno?

    This is the best and most accurate demo of this amp I have found. Coincidentally, the guitar in the demo also has BK Aftermath pickups.
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    Engl Inferno?

    I love it. I'm a big ESP Japan fan anyway and the only reason I know about the Inferno is that I went to try out this exact guitar at my local dealer and he had the Inferno. I really liked the hardtail bridge, the pickups selection etc, on paper. So I tried out the ESP through the Inferno and...
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    Engl Inferno?

    Very very different. Both excellent though.
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    Engl Inferno?

    The back panel of my Inferno tells the tale. Now, I'm sure it's been revoiced with different EQ points possibly a change in the gain structure but it's basically a highly tweaked retro 100. Same control layout, Probably identical power amp stage with some changes to the preamp to make it...
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    Engl Inferno?

    I have one and it's a monster of an amp. With my ESP M-II loaded with BK aftermath pickups, it's the sound in my head. It is definitely a revoiced Retro 100. The back panel gives it away. Here is mine