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    The best 5150 ever made?

    I have three 5150 but the first 50w Peavey Combo was the best. The Block/Signature comes second on par with the Stealth 100 that is a beast. I also have the EL34S that is a different iteration but it's too nasal for my ear.
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    Tube or modeling amp for regular gigging?

    To me the difference from real amps and modellers lies in the feel with the instrument: most guitarists talk a lot about dynamics but modellers flatten my playing a lot, so much so that I have a hard time switching from modeller to real amplifier that becomes more difficult for me. Therefore I...
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    Tone you don't like but works for bands you love

    Pantera. That guitar tone alone would be terrible in every other context.
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    Guilty pleasure effects - whats yours?

    Chorus. I know it's not happening nowadays but it makes my guitar sound epic!
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    Langner pre-amp

    I have one and it's a beast, more gain than you'll ever use: pair it with delay and you have sustain for days: it has one of the best lead sounds out of my amps. It's a two channel preamp with a boosted lead channel but there's a pot on the back that you can use to also have a crunch sound...
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    Jackson PC1..Thoughts?

    I've had one for years but sold it because I never used it. From a construction point of view it is an exceptional guitar and comes from the factory with a perfect setting. The neck is quartersawn but although my hands are not large I felt comfortable with it because the fretboard is quite...
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    SLO vs. the ripoff Rev C Dual Recto- Have you actually played them both?

    I have the SLO, the Recto, 5150 and two 5153 (6L6 and EL34) and i must say that the blue channel of the 5153 6L6 is the most similar to lead channel of the SLO. That said, all the 3 amps above sound different. Small changes in the layout could do huge difference in sound. In fact I tried the...
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    New Bogner Uberschall coming?

    Although I have an Uberschall and I can say that I like it a lot, I hope the new version improves it in those little aspects that don't make me prefer it over other amps: volume jump between channels, overall sponginess and other.
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    Pre-amp tubes life span

    Hello, according to some people you must change 12ax7 tubes every two or three times you change the power tubes. I read on a site that their life span cannot be determined and could be almost infinite so that they could be changed only when you want to change the tone of the (pre)amplifier...
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    Is it possible to divide 110v to 220v classifieds? I live in Europe and it’s difficult to understand where the item is sold or if it works with 220 main voltage Thanx