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    Friedman BE-50 deluxe 2018 Mint 2700 plus shipping

    Unfortunately I have to get rid of my BE 50 Deluxe. It's in dead mint condition, like new. I'll sell for 2700 plus shipping and paypal fees. Located in Houston TX if anyone local is interested. PM me with any questions on it. Good pics on the reverb link...
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    Friedman BE-100 2015 Mint 2400$

    Selling my BE 100. It's in dead mint condition and everything functions as it should. Original footswitch is included with the head. Located in Houston TX if you are local. 2400 shipped paypal gift will take it. I can't entertain any trades at the moment. If you have any questions or...
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    Got an Uberkab this weekend!

    I finally got a matching cab for my Uberschall. I am very impressed with the build quality of it. I now see why people say it has a more 3d and full effect than other cabs. Upon preliminary recording, I was trying out micing the g1275 first and then going back with a miced v30 and the g1275...
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    Another Uber id Question.

    So is a Rev green Uber just one of the earlier Rev 2's with a green light or is it a different amp all together? Because my amp says Rev 2, but has a green light. I am being told its a rev green because of that but I can't find much info on the Rev green.
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    Best Delay for the Front of the Amp at 150$ ??

    I have been using a rack setup going through my effects loop for a while now, but my new amp's fx loop colors the tone really badly. So I am contemplating buying individual pedals and sending everything through the front. I have found a bunch of effects that I do like, but I have found a delay...
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    Dimes live Guitar Rig-per Grady Champion

    I got this from the Dean guitars forum and it came straight from Dime's guitar tech, Grady Champion. This is the most conclusive schematic of his rig and I thought it was really cool so I wanted to share over here with you guys.
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    Hello, Rig-Talk noob!! Some Bogner Uberschall questions. .

    Hello all, after sifting through the forum I figured I'd finally get my feet wet and post on here. I am currently interested in getting a Bogner Uberschall head. Unfortunately there is NO store in Houston TX that has one on the shelf. I know there are several revisions to the head, and I...