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    WTS- Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer and MXR Carbon Copy pedals MAKE OFFERS

    Both used in perfect working order. CS-3 is $40, Carbon Copy is $70, OBO. Shipping is $10, will combine if bought together. Paypal/CONUS only please. Thanks for looking!
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    Looking to replace my SM57 for micing cabs...

    The SM57 I have seems a bit harsh on the upper end and I'm wanting something different. I'm primarily recording distorted guitars in a Bogner Uberkab with V30s/75s. Any suggestions for an alternative?
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    Bogner Uberschall Rev 2 with EL34/KT88 mod

    I hate to sell this one off, but I just don’t play enough these days to justify keeping it. Plus I had some medical expenses come up and bills need to get paid. This is a February 2004 manufacture amp (serial number 336). It has been modded to accept either EL34s or KT88s. It will come with JJ...
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    Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet with FX loop volume loss

    My Twin Jet has been experiencing volume loss with the FX loop engaged. This is with the FX loop volume control maxed out and no pedals turned on. Any ideas about what’s going on?
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    How much ventilation do you give your amps?

    I happened across a nice bookshelf cabinet that would fit my Uberschalls nicely. Only problem is that the back of the cabinet is closed. I worry about ventilation for the amps and it getting too hot. How much ventilation do amps need in this situation?
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    New Avenged Sevenfold Album - The Stage (with Youtube link)

    A few weeks ago, I posted A7X's new single, The Stage. Turns out that they surprise released their whole new album of the same name a few days ago. I got a chance to listen to the whole thing, and once again they have definitely changed things up from their previous album, Hail to the King...
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    New Avenged Sevenfold... not what I was expecting. UPDATED

    ETA: Here's the music video with the full 8 minutes. This song makes a lot more sense after watching the music video. fBYVlFXsEME And here's a playlist with the full album: ... II4fk1Wtr5
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    Preamp tube socket broken

    I was replacing a preamp tube on my Uberschall when the white porcelain portion of the tube socket came off. I placed it back on the rest of the socket and put a preamp tube back in, and it plays fine. However, I'm worried that it may not last, or that it may break further. Is there a way to...
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    Using different tubes than what amp was designed for

    I've heard mixed things on this- that it can lead to transformer damage over time, etc. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks!
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    What strings do you prefer for low tunings?

    I have a guitar that I keep in drop C or drop C standard tuning. What string gauge do you all prefer for these lower tunings?
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    Rev 2 clip...

    Got bored and made a very quick recording of the Rev 2. Used a Schecter C1-FR Custom (with SD SH-8 Invaders) and an SM57 on the V30 of my Uberkab. I boosted it with a Maxon OD 808. No post-EQ, this is a raw track. Sorry for the sloppy playing!
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    Best pedalboard patch cables for the money?

    Looking to upgrade the no-name cables that you can find in the bucket at Guitar Center. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money on this upgrade, just something that will get me to the next level. Thanks!
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    Floyd Rose contact number?

    So I have a Floyd Rose Original in one of my guitars, and for some reason or other there are pronounced dead spots when the trem arm is rotated downward. I've tried it with different trem arms, with the same result, so I figure that there is something weird about the baseplate and I was...