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    FS: Diezel Herbert MKII, local pickup DC/MD/VA area

    I've got a Diezel Herbert MKII in excellent condition with low tube hours. Price: cash/local pickup in the Annapolis area, $2500 (also listed on Reverb and Baltimore CL) More pics are available to email-
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    WTB: Suhr Bella cab

    If you have one you can sell, please contact me. If you are local in MD/DC/VA and interested in trading for other cabs, I have several.
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    M90 Tubes/Biasing

    I got an M90 recently and I checked the bias on the Gold Lion KT88's. It reads under 30 mV per tube. I thought that KT88's typically want to be bias around 37- any comments on that? Also, the manual says EL34's can be put in the amp with a re-bias. I assume this does not mean any...