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    FS: Fortin Cali production amp-SOLD

    Let me know man ?
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    FS: Fortin Cali production amp-SOLD

    Yeah that’s what I have the most experience doing musically. I just picked up guitar from being in bands back when and like to play, but I’m a better singer than I am a guitar player
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    FS: Fortin Cali production amp-SOLD

    Yeah man all is good! I've gone back to my singing roots, so geetar is taking a back seat :) Hope you're good too man!
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    FS: Fortin Cali production amp-SOLD

    If you’re looking I’m sure you know what this is. Just not playing guitar much these days so putting it up for sale. It’s in mint condition both aesthetically and functionally. Price is $3,500 plus shipping in USA only. Possible trade interest for a Wizard MC II, but otherwise no trades please...
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    WTB: Mesa straight recto 4X12 cabs

    Let me know if you have one or 2 is even better. Looking for 2 in the end. Definitely wanting at least very good or better overall condition. All the better if you live local here in DFW area of Texas. Thanks!
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    Sign up for a Genuine IELTS without test in Romania

    What kind of tubes does it come with?
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    Difference between Wizard MCII 2016 vs current?

    Does anyone know the difference between the prior years MC twos and the most recently updated version?
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    FS: Fortin 1983 JCM 800 Gainmonster SOLD!!

    I've held on to this amp for a long time due partially to the fact that it is the most brutal and tight Marshall 'mod' of it's kind I've ever heard and partially because that, from what I understand, Mike doesn't do mods unless you're a rock star. Wicked awesome amp but just ready to try...
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    FS: HH V800 Legendary Power amp!! - $700

    Awesome power amp and just selling because I hardly play guitar anymore. Thanks and description listed below! Price is $700 (CONUS only) No trades please The HH V800 MOS-FET power amplifier is a legendary product as much at home in a pro guitar rig as an install rack. Used by artists such as...