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    School me on handguns

    I already have a P365X. It's 12+1 and came factory with Night Sights.. It's the smallest and most comfortable Appendix Carry Rig I have. No reason to replace it, unless I had money to burn.. :ROFLMAO:
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    School me on handguns

    MEH... Glocks are so vanilla and haven't really changed since their beginning. I have 2 and they work, but are plain like a family mobile.. But definately go with a quality auto loader. They are reliable and you have more shots per mag vs a revolver. Look into an HK VP9. HK's are sexy.
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    Finally bought my "Dream Amp"today ....disappointed....

    What makes this the dream amp?? Chances are the seller offed their shitiest tubes on you and kept the good ones.. Maybe not. A bias check and tube roll is in order to make sure.
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    Here is your boy, LARS..

    Aww, lighten up.. Maybe they were talking about the Stock Market over some Wine..
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    Here is your boy, LARS..

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    Help - Single Coil Pickup Experts in Here

    Why does a Split Humbucker fall short in tone??
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    Deliverance D-120

    Now for something different.. Lower gain and rolled back on the volume. Not super high gain, Sorry..
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    Jackson Greed thread

    5K for a fuckin' cookie cutter bolt on piece of shit is LAUGHABLE.. GTFO.. They will keep selling them as long as you keep buying them..
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    Jackson Greed thread

    I question the reasoning on this.. The desire to acquire a name brand who's original owners are long gone points to blind loyalty.. If it absolutely needs to be a Jackson., then bend over..
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    new Nickleback

    CK is definitely a talented song writer. You don't sell that many records because you suck. But for me, not all but a lot of song elements are pop corny like Bon Jovi songs. I'm also not a fan of the as of late Velveta, triggered robot, greasy productions.. Call me old school.
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    Jackson Greed thread

    Guitars are unlike Amps. Amps are more exclusive in that the design is what it is and it doesn't change. Meaning if you want the Fryette sound, you buy one. Guitars OTOH are more open to be manipulated with parts. It doesn't need to be a Jackson.. Plenty of Guitar makers out these that put out...
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    Sellers want their cake & eat it too now..

    Look at this piece of shit..
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    FRYETTE 2150 2022 RUN INQUIRY.... DEAD

    They should do a 25 year Anniversary. Like 50-100 only run.
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    Gary Moore

    Certified Badass.
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    Mesa Strategy 500 Question

    Are you comparing these at band volume? 4-6l6s and 2-6550s on each channel is madness. I had a 290 and the Deep always had hum to it in the bedroom which was annoying. I bet the 500 crushes the 290 at its intended volume, but it's not practical to carry around.