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    George Lynch WTF?

    shadup, faggot..
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    George Lynch WTF?

    STFU.. I dont care if u like dicks.. But this forum is mostly a joke.. A bunch of middle agers lording like they were kings of the 80's, splitting hairs over videos just like high school kids. One less than stydio perfect video and the guys complete career gets panned . Fuck you.. Stop...
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    George Lynch WTF?

    Nothing wrong with what I just watched other than he's a bit out of tune.. He probably improved the whole thing. Probably not his guitar and he walked on cold.. I'm sure you all could do better.. LOL You people are a bunch of keyboard brave, Youtube watching faggots..
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    Tawny Kitaen dead at 59

    High healed women, full of champagne and lies....
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    Lars, Just

    Gotta say that I really hate how they play MOP. They rush thru it and it's a far cry from the record. Play the shit right asshole..
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    Tech Talk.. New Toobs.

    Robotube is legend but I've never bought Tubes direct from Mesa.. Besides, I wanted to specifically try the EH's..
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    What cabs are you using these days?

    Slant all the way.
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    Friedman vs Cameron

    Which amp design is more original?? Hmm..
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    Favourite speaker for a high gain 112 combo

    OG Black Shadows.
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    Larry Dimarzio remembers EVH

    Great. Thanks for that!
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    Finished Acoustically Treating My Tiny Room

    You can make some cool sound panels with Rockwool..
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    Tech Talk.. New Toobs.

    YOU are not short on brains, gifted one..
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    AXE FX II questions.

    Only JJ Preamp Tubes can handle the high voltages in a Toaster..
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    Pete Thorn demos Mick Mars Dr. Feelgood Marshall

    Just realized he was playing a SS Guitar by the Raygun Pickups.. It all sounds good to me. It doesn't need to stab you in the ears.. It's warm but articulate.. That sound at volume has plenty of bite.