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    Engl Invader 25

    Whoa! The Fireball 25 sounds incredible! Anyone else get one yet? Not only did they put the Fireball into a powerful lunchbox form, I must say that they might have slightly improved on the sound too. Either that or it's just that you can enjoy all the Fireball crunchiness without hearing loss...
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    I haven't done any business with Reverb for 3 months. A week ago, I received an email saying I'd be billed $26 for a "shipping label correction." The last transaction I did with them was on Feb 12 and they made me wait over 2 weeks to receive a payout for repair costs to my amplifier that was...
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    The Perfect Friedman Amp?

    Can you buy an amp from Friedman and have them customize the channels? I've been thinking I want a Smallbox with a resonance knob or depth switch and channel 2 sound just like a Butterslax. This brings me to some questions. I'm assuming the Smallbox and Butterslax have different transformers so...
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    Carol-Ann Amps Dead?

    Is it true that Carol-Ann amps are no more? Was looking to pull the trigger on a Triptik-2 but found out they're not being made anymore. That's kind of sad because that guy was making some awesome amps.
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    Watch Out for Nick Cook [Cook's Customs] on

    He goes by the name Cook's Customs (Nick Cook) on Reverb. He's a flake who likes to try out your gear and then send it back for a refund.
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    Temporarily suspending this until Paypal puts money into my account. Please delete.
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    Transformers in the SLO 30?

    Anyone know what's in the SLO 30 yet? Some kind of custom DeYoung transformers or something?
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    The Lunchbox Amp Poll

    Well, there seems to be some rigorous debate that devolved into personal insults because of apparent disdain for lunchbox amps so it seems like it would be best settled by a poll. In another thread, a few guys like Zachman, swamptrashstompboxes, EXPcustom had some pretty derogatory things to say...
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    What is Your Ultimate Amp Setup?

    Being that this is the year of the ultimate lower wattage amps, I am currently replacing my entire setup. No more Kemper, which I still love and adore though. Now it's Mini Amp + Suhr IR. This is the setup I'm starting to build. Bogner 3534 Soldano SLO 30 Diezel VH Mini Friedman JJ Jr. EVH...
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    Can We Get an ETA, Price, & Specs on the VH4 Mini?

    I'm super pumped about the VH4 mini. When can we order one? How much (US dollars)? What are the specs? I'd appreciate the info Peter, thanks.
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    Dream Realized - Bogner Ecstasy 3534

    FINALLY! Finally bought a 3534. I've been saving $200 per paycheck for several months to get one of these. Oh boy, oh boy is this the most exciting amp purchase ever. Actually, I started saving money to buy an Ecstasy 25, but then this came out and there was no question of choosing EL34s over...
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