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    He's gone

    For good I hope. I couldn't let it sit any longer. Carl and Mike that is.
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    Goin' to Jamaica!

    So we set our wedding date for next April, we have the ceremony and honeymoon booked and paid for. Negril, Jamaica for 6 days! I hope the weather is good. Do you guys have any stories? I've never been out of the country before :o. = $15 :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Linux distro, CentOS

    Any users out there? I might have to start messing with this through a VPN. I'm sure I could use the help if this happens. I have almost no experience with Linux/Unix.
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    JVM...KR Mega Vibe...Area 51 wah clips

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    mine's bigger than yours
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    I need tips on finding bad soldering joints. *Warhead X2 schematics fo

    *edit* Look here for complete schematics and update: */edit* Ok, I'm finally going to try and fix my Randall X2. The yellow, 'Treble' LEDs will randomly flicker out of nowhere. That causes the sound to cut in and out with the flicker...
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    Is entering a yellow light illegal?

    And when you see the light is yellow the entire way while you're going through the intersection... ?
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    Great transaction: The Armadillo of leprosy

    Bought a Dean MLX 7 from him last week and the transaction went flawless. Nice price, great packing, arrived as stated. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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    2 new pickups from billLawrence coming :D

    Found out they made a special run of 500XL's in 7 STRING! They're $62 apiece and I'm ordering 2. Becky said they have quite a few.
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    Tell this guy...

    to accept my myspace invite :D!