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    JerEvil's 2021 Home Studio Gear Updates thread!

    Well you can't use the modules without the chassis, and the chassis contains the power supply so... can't have one without the other. When I bite the bullet I'll look for a used chassis, they pop up at Music Go Rounds and other places sometimes.
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    Buying a guitar from Japan off ebay.

    I bought a Killer Prime ( Akira Takisaki model ) from Japan on eBay, no fees. No issues. It came quick too.
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    Any particular brand you use ? I used to get pretty chronic bronchitis in the cold dry winter air (after being a smoker for 20 years too), quit smoking 10 years ago, but the last couple years no bronchitis... but I took a lot of antibiotics for the chronic bronchitis in years past. I tried CVS...
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    My Texas brothers safe?

    Because he showed you up ? Congratulations cry baby bitch.
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    Lars Ulrich’s Strange Wikipedia Entry

    His prick either at 4 inches !!!
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    Alder Strat vs Swamp Ash Strat? which do you prefer?

    When I say ash I generally mean northern hard (baseball bat) ash, like EVH used back in the day. I have a swamp ash Chubtone that sounds great, as well as some alder guitars and they all sound great, but they generally need different pickups and/or EQ settings.
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    Alder Strat vs Swamp Ash Strat? which do you prefer?

    Vito used an ash bodied Fender strat for Pride, with a Floyd and a JB with a 250K volume pot. I prefer ash, but I’m getting tired of the weight. Alder sounds great with the right pickup and amp.
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    This guy sure is proud of his Splawn!

    The Staten Island dump !
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    Crazy modded Marshall JCM800 2203

    Killer tone and playing ! Great functionality too, just the right feature set. Damn it, I want one ! lol
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    PM sent
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    Did I miss the price ?
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    Where Do You Like Your Boost???

    Boost right before amp, all other effects before the boost, but I use delay/reverb/chorus in the loop or in W/D/W.
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    Before Cookie Monster Vocals was Elmo Vocals

    Oh Christ I HATED those guys !!! Lol