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    Charvel Tuners

    Do you just want the non-locking ones? I have a brand new set of chrome Charvel tuners that came out of a MIM Charvel that I had. PM me if you are interested. EDIT! Apologies...just took a look at them and sent you a PM. The units that came off of the guitar are in fact Gotoh units and...
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    JCM800 vs. Bogner 3534

    That Marshall has been around forever. This one has only been out for a little over a year.
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    JCM800 vs. Bogner 3534

    Thx for sharing! That 3534 is one of those amps that I was really interested in because of the 3 channels on it and the size. It's small enough that I could take it to rehearsal with a small board and use the cab there. However, I keep seeing these coming up used on every guitar forum I am on...
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    I think I hate the AXE FX III.

    I have heard nothing but GREAT reviews on that! Have not tried one. Would love to at some point! (y) I just need to get an amp again at some point....and believe me, I am always thinking of that! A 212 cab I wanted for quite some time has come up on the local list up here so I am just...
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    I think I hate the AXE FX III.

    Completely understand Bud and agree!! It's not for everyone. You are an amp guy and have stated that for years now. You have some killer amps as well. I totally get it. (y) However, Two-Notes hasn't changed their load for what, 8-9 years now? It's the same load that is in the basic...
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    Bark at the Moon isolated track...all sorts of buried gems

    Always a fan of Jake! Great playing and just different enough.
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    I think I hate the AXE FX III.

    Always good to keep an amp around to keep your ears honest. I've not kept one because I'm really happy with what I get out of my III and FM3. No issues. I have a couple of ASC-10s that I added the Fender tilt back arms to and it works perfectly for me. I really hope we can start to get some...
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    Who's got the quad cortex?

    Nah. It's all in your mind. Quoted..... Use what works for you.
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    Monomyth modded origin50

    Really great sounding! Well done! Hope you offer something like this up! Amazing sounding!
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    Two Notes VTS Mystery

    Why not use Garage band instead of Adobe Audition? It's included with the mac and free. Seriously. The Audition program is basically an audio cleaner, not a DAW. On top of that, Adobe isn't exactly known for audio production. Try Garageband and see how it works.
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    NAD: Axe FX III

    Nice! Enjoy! I've had my III for 3 years now and it is fantastic! I have an FM3 as well which I also love. Can't wait until we can rehearse and gig again. It's been quite some time.
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    The new Victory Kraken V4 Guitar Amp (pedalboard hybrid amp)

    Really cool feature set on that unit! Sounds great! I am interested as well! I've be interested to see how it would hold up through a cabinet while playing with a band. I'd assume it would be just fine.
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    Friedman 2x12 vs. 4x12 for BE 100

    Even the 212 at 65lbs and a single handle on the top isn't much of a help on the back. They need to install side handles on these. Mesa is no better with theirs.
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    Fortin Hiwatt Custom Super-Hi 50 Clip

    Great sounding amp!
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    Who's got the quad cortex?

    How are you liking the Mark V 25? Love the grill on yours!