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    Shanty my ass

    Indeed it is:
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    Mesa Boogie .50 caliber Metal...

    When were those .50 DC Calibres made? I feel like they were from some kind of 'in-limbo' lost period? Were they released around the same time as the Rectifiers?
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    Mark IIB+ Coli vs. IIC+ Coli- two of the heaviest amps ever made IN ONE BEDROOM!

    Yep that's right. Mesa/Boogie Mark series for the Clean & Crunch. Marshall for the Crisp, in between.
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    Why old school amp distortion = the BEST distortion!

    Listening to this video, I'm wondering if my use of chorus effects with high gain distortion is to get that "scowl"-like swirling vocal effect in the sonic texture.
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    Mesa Boogie Mark IV through a Mesa 412 OS

    Those things are seriously awesome. You done well.
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    4x12 Speaker Cabinet "Holy Grail"

    I regret selling a Mesa/Boogie 'traditional' 4x12 cab loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s. I will buy another in the future when I can afford it again.
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    Who here has been banned from TheGearPage TGP?

    Hmmm! I lurk on TGP here and there, more often just reading threads. I noticed earlier on you're from Australia. I'll miss seeing your posts. I cannot see many others from Oz apart from a member called Shane8 who just posts silly stuff in The Pub forum, and I think he lived over in Texas for a...
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    Who here has been banned from TheGearPage TGP?

    Totally Gay Perverts. Tiny Girl Penis. Testicle Groping Paedophiles. Throbbing Guy Pussy... OQteLxZguY8
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    Boost in front of overdrive pedal? Or Overdrive into boost?

    I love just plugging straight into my old Marshall JCM 800 and cranking it up, then rolling down the guitar's volume for clean sounds. It's great on its own. But it doesn't work as well when playing alongside a channel switching amp as a wet/dry setup or stereo. It doesn't seem to dovetail the...
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    Solid state preamp into valve/tube power amp?

    I have a solid state amp head (actually a JVC hifi stereo amp) that I'm wondering about converting to all-valve. But then I wondered if I could just take a line-level signal from it and use that to push a Mesa/Boogie 50:50 50 watt valve power amp into "high gain" distortion, thrash metal levels...
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    Anyone wired up a 4x12 to have four speaker sockets?

    I'm thinking of doing a weird wet/dry/wet/dry thing with my 4x12 by wiring up each speaker to its own socket/jack. Two speakers will be run by one amp (8 ohms per side) as the 'dry' signals. The other two are the 'wet', but one speaker has a signal that is 90% wet/10% dry, and the other is 10%...
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    Naked Wizard - Naked Wizard (new song)

    My friends' band have released a new music video to promote their album, check it out! (P.S. I'm not sure what amps they are using at this stage) (EDIT: I posted the wrong video!)
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    New valves/tubes for the MarkIV?

    My amps have been in storage for almost two years, so I've barely got the chance to play them. They are now in a small room where I have moved to, so I get to play them more often. And I've noticed that the power amp of the MarkIV seems a bit lacking. The preamp valves are fine as I tested the...
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    Converting a 4x12 into a 2x12

    I have an angled Marshall 4x12 cab that I'm thinking of cutting up with a bandsaw to make a 2x12 cab. I'll likely just use the bottom half, with the remaining pieces used to patch up any gaps. Also I'll put in new grille cloth. Is that worth doing? Or will it "sound odd" from all the extra...
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    8 vs 16 ohms (Marshall content)

    I tried searching the forums but nothing seemed to show up... Anyway, I feel like I should know this already but I don't. Is there any major discernable difference between running a particular guitar amplifier at 8 ohms or 16 ohms? Is it a larger factor when using the amp into a 4x12 cab...