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    Reverb description of the century? lol

    Love this ad. The seller is my new hero!
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    Finally, Studio all setup!!

    Awesome. That is the cat's ass!
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    New Project Name Help.....creative juices are stumped...

    R.O.U.S.'s?...I don't think they exist.
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    finally got both of my 7's in the house and I can't decide which one to keep

    I've had several of the 7620s and 1527s and you're right about the sizes and trems. I just wasn't sure which the 752s were closer to. They're compatible to a certain degree. The guitar in my avatar is a 2002 7420 body with a 1998 7620 neck with a 2006 edge pro from a 1527 (I just had to remove...
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    finally got both of my 7's in the house and I can't decide which one to keep

    Keep the 7620. I have 7 of them and am about to assemble another.
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    It's the annual "What came and what went" gear in review thread...

    I think the only thing I bought was a Presonus Faderport 16. I think the only thing I sold was a Presonus Faderport 16.
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    Shrapnel Records

    Vinnie Moore is one of my favorites from any label. I also really like Greg Howe and MacAlpine.
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    NGD Chubtone!

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    AXE FX III Give away!!!

    Awesome! (y)
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    Ever fall out of love playing guitar?

    I got my first guitar for Xmas in 1974 when I was 6. Played semi regularly until becoming obsessed in Jr high. Barring vacations, injuries, and family emergencies I've not gone a week without playing ever since.
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    The Great White Fire was exacerbated by the Clubs cheap Sound Foam..

    I remember that well. It lead the news every day and night for over a week. The band and club blaming each other and the fault seemed to shift from one side to the other. No matter how you look at it these were just music lovers going out to see live music and died because of someone else's...
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    Should a $3000 guitar come with a case?

    Fuck yea it should come with a HSC.
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    What Happened to the Rig Talk Pedals?

    Wasn't it called a Plank Cranker? :LOL: I think it had a "plank" setting and a "crank" setting or something like that.