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    Peavey Invective 120 vs Victory Super Kraken VX100

    Im partial to the kraken, but i also own one.
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    I think it’s about Time RT evaluated the future of Guitar Rigs

    Ive gone from tube to digital and back to tube. There is a convenience with digital and running in ears and mixes As well as the fact a touring band can cut way back on gear. However i have played and gigged with lots of bands doing the direct thing (as well as seen many touring bands) and the...
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    NGDx2!! Suhr Modern Satin Flame & Charvel Guthrie Govan

    Yeah the headstock doesn’t bother me at all. In one of his Tone Talk interviews, John Suhr states that Guthrie left due to them having someone handling artist relations that should never have had the position and has since been removed from the company.
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    NGDx2!! Suhr Modern Satin Flame & Charvel Guthrie Govan

    Congratulations! I own a Suhr Modern Guthrie Govan Spec and it’s awesome. Of all the gear that has come and gone my suhr is still here.
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    What's the best Mac deal for DAW?

    I just retired my 2012 MacBook Pro and replaced it with the New 16in M1 Max MacBook Pro, and it is pretty amazing, I know the new one coasts a lot of money but the performance is unreal. you could max out a M1 Mac mini and it will probable work for most users. Personally I would stick with the...
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    The Mark IV has been one of my all time favorite amps, I have owned at least 7-8 over the years. I Bought a JP2C and ended up selling my Mark IV because I thought the JP2C would be everything I wanted and more. After 3 months I sold the JP2C (it just never seemed right to me). Some time passes I...
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    Hot Wolfetone thoughts?

    MonkeyBucker in the Bridge and a Marshallhead Bridge for the neck! its murder in a Les Paul
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    Frustration...buying an amp

    Guitar Centers used gear is the only reason I bother with them at this point. I have lost out on multiple pieces of gear while waiting for someone to call me back, send me photo's or even answer a basic question. Once I asked a sales guy for two quick photos (nothing was showing up online) and...
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    King of Clone 68 pedals kicks pretty hard!

    I purchased a 68 pedals King of clone. Overall nice sounding pedal and built well. I would gladly buy an actually Analogman (i am on the waiting list only 4 years to go!!). I am not going to pay $800-$1000 for a pedal due to flippers. I would pay analogman‘s new price but it is a lot for a pedal...
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    WTB: Mesa Mark IV head

    I sold a mint IV Short Head B version a few months back for $1450. They are definitely going for more than they used too and not popping up too often. Good luck, I hope you find one.
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    WTB Duncan Nazgul

    I have one, i think its drilled for direct mount
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    Resolved! Mesa Jp2c mid knob sweep

    Thanks everyone for chiming in, I just wanted to get a few opinions and make sure I wasn't going out of my mind.
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    Resolved! Mesa Jp2c mid knob sweep

    I have had a few recto’s as well over the years and the mid knob has had more sweep then the mark series. I’m thinking this is just how the amp is but wanted to see if any other owners had the same experience. Its subtle.
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    Resolved! Mesa Jp2c mid knob sweep

    Do any other user’s experience little to no mid sweep on channels 2 & 3? Even if I have the GEQ off it makes little to no difference. I can hear a slight change (a little more bass when all the way up). Channel 1 has a lot of sweep but almost nothing on 2 & 3. Amp was made 10/2019. My Mark Iv...
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    Good deal with UberschallEL34

    Great communication, prompt and safe shipping for the engl amp