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    This Vince Neil clip always destroys me 😂

    The "I'll take it in the shed" part kills me 😂
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    What was your first rig? and first real rig?

    First rig was an Aria Pro Ii "The Cat" in 85' with some tiny, shitty amp 😂 First rig for gigs was a Marshall Valvestate amp with a Mardhall 4x12 and Gibson SG with an Iommi pickup in the bridge.
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    This Vince Neil clip always destroys me 😂

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    Most underrated drummer?

    Me and my buddy used to love Atma from the Shrapnel stuff:
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    Most underrated drummer?

    Wt ever Leper Messiah F?? 🤣🤣🤣
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    EVH 5150III EL34 Ground Loop in FX Loop

    Any updates on this issue FondledDuck? I am getting significant noise when I engage the effects loop I'm my 5150-III 6L6 50w. To me it sounds like a grounding issue. I'm no expert but it is this type of noise that I'd always there when the loop is engaged but gets worse when holding a guitar and...
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    Most underrated drummer?

    Tommy Aldridge. He is a quiet unsung hero I'm my opinion
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    Charvel or Kramer?

    I owned a Kramer back in 1989 but was the only one. I've had tons of Charvels and will always be my favorite. Most of my heroes owned those back in the day.
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    Famous Rock Star that you regretted dying most

    Dime was another one that hit me hard and was just so random. The fact that he passes away on December 8th, like John Lennon, with similar circumstances just made it worse.
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    Famous Rock Star that you regretted dying most

    Cliff Burton. I still remember the morning my Mom woke me up for school and told me he died. I had just started Junior year and had been really getting into them big time. I had only been playing guitar less than a year and was learning "Sanatarium", "Fade to Black", "The Four Horsemen", etc. I...
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    Anyone here from the early days ??

    I was one of the HCAF aholes and then moved over to RT when I couldn't take HC anymore. Some of the people I've been communicating with the longest are Buckeyedog, Shask, Chris O, etc.
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    Perfect addition to my guitar room

    Dude, awesome room!! I think you and I would get along well....🤣🤣🤣
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    Mystery illness struck me down. Anyone have one like this?

    Get help now and also if it starts moving into your lungs (like mine did in 2020), get your doctor to get you an inhaler and something to fight off the infection.
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    Anybody here try the Suhr Aldrich bridge pickup.

    I had one in a Les Paul Standard I used to have and was a great pickup. Cleans up great which is not something the JB does good IMO. Not harsh and really sounds great with chords and solo work. As a comparison, I've owned guitars with the JB, Duncan Distortion, Iommi, and Gibson 500T, 498, 490...