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    I need a Bogner Helios

    Have a Helios 50, PT100SE and Landry LS100G3. All 3 are killer amps, but the Helios is by far my fave. I've also had a couple XTC's in the past and struggled with getting them to sound more open. As far as the channel switching limitations, it's a very easy mod that costs all of $20 to be...
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    Anyone have info on the Channel switching mod for the original Bogber Helios?

    Long shot here but does anyone have info on how to add the 3 way toggle on the Helios so you can channel switch from plexi clean to the hottest gain channel? Thanks!
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    Friedman SS100 Boost gain and volume mod?

    Anyone have the know how to draw up how to add a gain and volume knob to the SS100 boost channel? I'm in Canada and recently had an amp lost by Canada Post so between that and the crazy cost of shipping it to Friedman, I'm not too keen on shipping it. I was hoping that someone knowledgable...
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    FS: Egnater(Rocktron)IE4Midi Tube PREamp. $450 Shipped

    In great shape. Works and sounds awesome. New tubes. $450 USD Shipped USA/CAN Info on reverb below. References available. Cheers
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    2008 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Sparkle R8 specs

    Offering up a gorgeous and very rare, 2008 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop guitar in a Killer Red Sparkle! There were only a few of these made in select colors. It is stunning and pics don't do it justice. This guitar screams (Burstbucker 1 and 2), not only with great sound but also with great...
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    FS: Fender Richie Kotzen Telecaster with HSC. $1000

    Awesome Kotzen tele with hardshell case. Has some nicks(pictured) but in great shape. Original pickups but pots changed to CTS with a push pull on the tone and a 4 way switch. All the original functionality of the original but it adds a tone control as well as splitting the chopper T for a...
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    Updated my Friedman BE100 (Clips inside)

    Hey all. I updated my 2013 BE100 to the newer spec with the 3 way structure switch as well as the change to the NFB for a more open sound. I did not update to the latest sozo caps. First off, let me say that Dave and Todd Vucins from Boutique Amp Distribution could not have been easier to...
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    2000 Bogner 101b: Can't get bias in range!

    Hey all. I have a 101b from 2000. It's time to change the tubes and for the life of me i can't get any tube to get past 20mA. These are all matched quads btw. I do believe the bias resistor is R114. What value resistor would i use to get my tubes to bias hotter? Also, i don't need to...
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    Anyone have real experience on a Rivera Bonehead?

    I always wanted one of these and a friend has one. He's on the other side of the country of course so playing it isn't going to happen. It seems the reviews are so polar opposite. I'd like to know if any of you have used one and what they thought? I play modern original rock and also in a 90's...
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    Great experience with EVH customer service (Howard Kaplan)

    Just wanted to give credit to Howard Kaplan. Howard is the designer of the 5150 III heads (I believe the 50 watt). I have a 100 watt model and was having troubles biasing it correctly. I came across Howards email and shot him off an email detailing my issues. I really didn't expect a...
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    Bogner 101B. Am i missing something??

    Hey all. I need a little info about the 101b. I have a really great price i can get one of these for. I think it's an early to mid 2000's model. I took it to try and for the life of me, i couldn't get a great crunch out of it. It was really, really murky and middy. It seemed to lack bass (even...
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    Diezel Einstein or EVH 5153 100 watt?

    Hey all. I'm hoping to get your opinion on a comparison of the EVH 100 watt vs Einstein 100 watt. I currently have the 100 watt but i was offered a 5153 head and $1000 for it. I really don't need the $$$ but $1000 is still $1000! I play in an original rock/reggae band. On the Einstein i...
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    Modded Einstein footswitch question

    Hey all. i got an Einstein from Mr "Business" on the Forum here....Great guy to do "business: with btw hahahaha. The amp already has the mode one mod and a switchdoctor footswitch with clean/texas, Mega, channel and master buttons. With the gain at 11:00 and volume at noon i get a great...
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    Should i trade my Triamp Mk2 for a Wizard Modern Classic?

    I have a trade offer for my Triamp Mk2 (plus $1000 on my end) for a 100 watt Modern Classic. Not able to try it unfortunately but he says it's mint. What do you guys think? Do it?
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    How do i remove a triamp MK 2 from the headshell?

    Hey all. I have a triamp MKII and bought some 6L6's for it. 2 there enough adjustment on the bias trim pot to switch to 6L6's or do resistors need to be changed. Also, i've read that it's diffifult to get the MkII's out of the head shell due to the light in the front. Anyone...