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    Anybody own/played recent Korean Jacksons??

    I had a korean jackson. After i changed out the pickup and rewired (put new pots output), It was every bit as good as my custom shop. Loved the guitar. Hated the ugly fucking design on it. Sold it to some douche musician in LA
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    Why no Marshall amplification in the amp section ?

    Because we don't have Jim Marshall here...
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    Friedman BE100 - 80s rock

    Sounds really good. I also heard a guy playing a 8 string through a BE at a death metal concert couple weeks back. Sounded really good. I always associate Friedman with dark, but it stood out.
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    Wizard amps

    Footprints are character.
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    Is There A Way to Find a Song on XM if you know time it played?

    if you buy a google pixel, in the background it identifies every song you hear, and lists them for this very situation.
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    The audio equivalent of the "cinematic look" to video/movies

    or use soundcloud, it is pretty easy
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    The audio equivalent of the "cinematic look" to video/movies

    I may just be a noob at dropbox, but it says doesn't exist
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    Wizard 100w Hybrid live vid

    You guys seem like you are having fun. I never think to play those old songs, but you guys sound really good.
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    Rant - Rick Beato is a douchecake

    I would be left with emptiness...and red wine
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    Mystery speakers .

    You play them yet? I know i had some tape on the back of some v30s. I took the tape off and the magnet let go of the label as well. But if they sound good...
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    How Old are Ya Guys?

    I guess this generation just needed more tough guys. Lol
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    The audio equivalent of the "cinematic look" to video/movies

    that is one showing the difference a boost makes on my wizard. this is another one. But remember, I don't play with them after. I just try to reflect how Angry and Nasty my wizard sounds with not post eq
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    How Old are Ya Guys?

    37. just like Dan travis. But i think me and him were born in the wrong year. Think we both should have been born in 60s or 70s. Something just went wrong
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    The audio equivalent of the "cinematic look" to video/movies

    That is incredible i want to see if my monitors are too close to the wall, lol
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    best bang for the buck USB audio interface?

    I appreciate you bringing this up. I was actually researching earlier to see what differences i could find. I missed this. I don't often use the DI for it because of liking to record my amp and cab, but that is a very good point to consider for someone that would be using it mostly for plugins...