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    Best iPad App for Lyrics on Stage

    Thanks for the tip!
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    Best iPad App for Lyrics on Stage

    I just grabbed an iPad to run lyrics for acoustic gigs, any recommendations for the best free app to use? I downloaded Setlists but 20 songs in, it requires me to purchase the pro license of $20 if I wanted more. Any recommendations? I'd prefer not pay if I don't have to. Thanks!
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    Band Streaming Links on Google

    For those that have music on Spotify, my band released our first album of original music and when you Google our band Name "Six Speed Tranny", various options to stream are listed under their "Listen" section (Pandora, Apple Music, iHeart and Deezer). These appeared automatically after the...
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    Panel Mount Cables

    I was actually doing it for my Helix rack live!
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    Panel Mount Cables

    I'm looking into picking up panel mount cables (1/4" and 5 pin midi). I'm terrible at making cables so figure I'll buy some but not sure where to go. Any recommendations for where I can go to get these? The panel end would be a female connector then having a 3' cable with a male connector on...
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    Seagull CW Folk Flame Maple HG QIT Acoustic/Electric Guitar

    I am selling my Seagull CW Folk Flame Maple HG QIT acoustic electric guitar. The guitar is in overall very good shape, a couple minor cosmetic flaws on the clear coat on the top of the guitar (notated in one of the photos). All electronics are working as they should. Comes with the original soft...
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    Where Can I Order Panel Mount Cables?

    Awesome, thanks!
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    Where Can I Order Panel Mount Cables?

    I was looking for a cable with a panel mount connector on one end and a standard connector on the other. And I appreciate your confidence in me! :)
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    Where Can I Order Panel Mount Cables?

    Good morning all! I'm looking into order a couple panel mount XLR cables but not finding anywhere online to do so. I suck at making cables so was hoping instead of ordering the parts and failing miserably at trying to make them, there was a website out there that has these cables ready to go...
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    F/S: Roadcase for Amp Head + 4 space Rack

    What size amp is the case made for? And where are you located?
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    SOLD - Mesa Boogie Badlander 50 Head

    I am selling my like-new Mesa Boogie Badlander 50 amp head. The amp is 100% mint/like new condition, both functionally and cosmetically, very few hours in total on the amp. The amp comes with the footswitch, cover, manual and cables. I'd prefer local pickup but would be willing to ship (I have...
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    Mesa EL34's and 6L6's WTB

    I have 2 pairs of Mesa EL34 tubes (4 in total) that I pulled out of my 2 TC50s if you'd be interested? Both sets probably have less than 2-3 hours on them in total. I switched the amp over to 6L6' (personal taste). If you're interested, send me a PM!
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    Line 6 Helix

    Selling my Line 6 Helix floor unit. Excellent condition (everything is fully functional) and very clean cosmetically. Comes loaded with a bunch of Own Hammer cab IRs and Taylor 314 IRs. Firmware updated to latest version 3.15. Only selling because I have 2! Asking $1300 shipped within the...
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    Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 10 top

    Selling my Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 10 top. This is the 20th anniversary model, which I believe makes it a 2005. Comes with original hardshell case and trem arm. It has a few minor dings from standard use (the two most notable ones are photographed) and some typical belt buckle rash on the...
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    SOLD - Mesa Simul-Class 2 : Ninety Power Amp

    Sorry, I didnt get anything from you!