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    Any P90 Converts Here?

    The Railhammer Billy Corgan Humcutter pickups sound a lot like my 1967 SGs p90s but have 0 hum. Definitely worth checking out for p90 fans!
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    Why does nobody like Single Rectos

    I preferred my Single Rectoverb to any other recto I ever played. It was a fire breather.
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    Anyone here tried to run a ADA MP-1 through the input of a Marshall?

    I did and it sounds just like Gish by Smashing Pumpkins.
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    Amp pics .. post them

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    What’s your favorite Marshall?

    JMP-1 into a Mesa Strategy 500
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    Found some wild tones with a Fuzz War today.

    Fender Parallel Universe II Jazz Stratocaster > Fuzz War > UAD Diezel VH4 plug-in. One of the most interesting tones I’ve ever heard.
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    Diezel User Gallery

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    How is the finish in Gibson explorers?

    Epiphone is making awesome explorers right now. The only thing I replaced was the tuners on the Lee Malia. They sucked.
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    The great Singlecut debate: Gibson LP vs PRS Singlecut

    Here's some PRS mojo for you. My Singlecut on the left and a stock Singlecut on the right.
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    The great Singlecut debate: Gibson LP vs PRS Singlecut

    No mojo my behind. They can be absolutely amazing and have staying power just like some LPs
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    The great Singlecut debate: Gibson LP vs PRS Singlecut

    My #1 since 2003. Its a 2001 model with a JB in the bridge. I sold my Les Paul Standard after I got it and never looked back. 2003 2018
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    Suppose you have an extra $1400 bucks / what do ?

    2 used Reverends
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    Surprise new pedal.

    It's a 1998 silver face blue spec model that Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins owned. It rips so hard.
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    Surprise new pedal.

    My awesome wife surprised me with an Op amp big muff reissue. I had an original 1977 model that I had to sell to help fund my whore ex's business not to mention eating 10k in debt after the fact but thats another bitter story. Anyways this little pedal sounds pretty freakin close to my original.
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    Sure SM7B top?

    Get a Cloud Lifter for it. Makes it come to life. Its so good on hi hats.