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    Free presets Install???

    Two Notes just sent out this :"Download an exclusive new set of presets for Torpedo Wall of Sound. FREE." I downloaded ok but How do I install these in Wall of Sound app? Thanks
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    Cab M with Captor hookup? Why are the line ins and outs TRS?

    Hi, just a quick question (or two) on this if I may- 1. I can't figure out why the lineout of the CAB M is TRS? :doh: Esp If the lineout goes into a 1/4" T/S mixer input channel jack that's usually not TRS? 2. If I connect lineout from the Captor load box into the line in of a CAB M, does...
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    Torpedo Live Integration with Helix or Kemper ?

    Hi all, First post, Im trying to find information on using Torpedo Lives "line out" into an Aux return on Helix (for effects after the power amp). Has anyone tried this? Or maybe you have a Kemper and tried to use the Line out on Torpedo Live into Kemper somehow? What about a 4 cable method...