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    This place should be more popular.

    It’s an awesome place, the only place I ever visit. I’ll check the emporium in the other side if I’m having GAS, but that’s it. The only people I care to talk Gear with are here (besides friends in person). I was on HCAF for a couple years before it shuttered and I understand the nostalgia, but...
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    Super High Gain Pickups

    Very cool with all the Tom Anderson love. I use the H3, H3+, HF3 or HF3+ in about 10 guitars right now. Love them. I am a hot pickup lover, been through just about all of them from BKP, DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan. I think the hottest pickup I have is the Caparison PH-bc that came in my Horus...
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    So excited... I ordered this yesterday!

    They is a beaut!! I bet it plays like butter too, congrats.
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    How Old are Ya Guys?

    50, but I feel 25 :rock:
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    this is probably a dumb question...but are Caparison guitars worth the price tag?

    I’d recommend keeping an eye on Reverb. I looked for a couple months, but eventually a good deal came along. I snapped up a Horus FXAM in charcoal matte finish for $1,600. It was basically brand new, just a little hand rub in the matte finish. If you want to try, that’sa good route to go because...
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    this is probably a dumb question...but are Caparison guitars worth the price tag?

    Different strokes for different folks, but for me, I love them. I’ve owned many. I completely fell in love with the Horus models. 24.75” scale length and offset superstrat body design. I currently own 4 Horus types: 2 FXAM’s, 1 M3 and 1 M3 Custum Line. For me, they’re worth it. However I’d shop...
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    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s!!
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    short scale guitars...

    Some years ago I bought a micro guitar for my son. He never really played it so it sat around for years. I used to love noodling on it, it was really fun to play. It was cheap as shit, couldn’t stay in tune, cheap parts, etc…but fun. I ended up giving it to my other sons girlfriend because she...
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    DiMarzio X2N?

    I tried one years ago, all I can remember is it being extremely trebly, piercing type sound. Don’t remember the guitar details otherwise.
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    NGD - Anderson Angel - pics added

    Awesome guitar, congrats!! As far as Tom Anderson pickups, I love them. I have them in a ton of my guitars. The HF3 and HF3+ are awesome in the bridge, powerful but yet still good and nuisanced, not just power/aggression. The H3 and H3+ are similar but more bass. Depends on what you like. I...
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    On consignment in Atlanta

    If you’re visiting your mother in Atlanta on this Mother’s Day and want to swing by and pick up some cool gear :cool:
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    Where Does Tone Come From

    Ha, reminds me of the old joke: Woman goes to the doctor, says she has no energy and is always tired. Doctor prescribes her heavy doses of testosterone and tells her to come back in 2 weeks. After 2 weeks she returns and tells the doctor her energy levels are great but she’s growing hair all...
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    Might be old news, but scammers are rampant on Reverb now..

    In the past I have asked a seller if they happen to be on any message boards such as Rig-Talk and a couple others. A couple of times they were and we just did the deal that way, it’s worth asking just for reference.
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    On consignment in Atlanta

    Hit me up fora better deal if anyone interested in the Atlanta area. Have these on consignment at Atlanta Discount Music. Bogner Shiva 20th Bogner Uberschall Rev Blue...
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    Might be old news, but scammers are rampant on Reverb now..

    Yeah, I didn’t even try. Last week I dropped off 5 guitars and 2 amps at Atlanta Discount Music and put them in consignment. Just let ‘em sit till they sell and no headaches. Fees aren’t that much higher than when you add up the Reverb fees and no shipping and no dealing shitty buyers.