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    Studio monitors or frfr speakers?

    I’d invest in the best pair of studio monitors in your budget.
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    Kramer Nightswan Scale

    Don’t have the Kramer but own 5 Caparison Horus guitars which is 24.75” with 27 frets. Love the feel, does not feel cramped until around the 24-27th frets it’s pretty tight, frets get really close together up that high.
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    Why I Dislike Gibson (WARNING OPINION!)

    I’m also not a Gibson fan but have never experienced anyone giving me any crap about it. I’m much more simple minded about it though, I just don’t like the LP, Explorer or SG designs. I did break down a couple years ago and bought my first LP after 35 years of playing. It’s good and I still got...
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    Kirk addresses the internet trolls ( us )

    I agree with what he was saying about fitting the solo in the context of the song and playing interesting melodic solos, using pentatonic for expression, etc…i just didn’t hear an interesting melodic solo in that song. I’m not a Kirk basher, I think he’s a really good player and the early stuff...
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    Parker Fly or Mayones Regius for shredding?🎸

    Sounds like you’ve narrowed your choices down to the Parker or Mayones. Of those two, I’d go with the Mayones. I owned one several years ago and they are incredibly built and play like butter. The 11 piece neck is great and strong, you can get really good low action on it.
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    What type of lighting do you use for studio 'ambience'

    I actually like it bright and clear. I use 4000k white led lights to brighten up everything. But I do have a large RGB curtain lights along one wall that change colors, kind of like this...
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    Why didn't Vernon Reid get the same respect as a guitarist as his peers?

    Honestly I don’t agree with the question or any of the possible choices on the votes. I think he got tons of credit and love as a player. What peers of his do you think he should be compared to that he wasn’t?
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    NPD (New Paint Day)

    Nice work!!
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    KSR Orion

    Looks very cool and a lot of amp for $1799. Hard to get U.S.A. made amps at that price, very cool. The Artemis is still my main stay amp. Ceres +PA50 is awesome as well. He makes killer stuff.
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    New Neumann interface

    No haven’t heard of it but looks pretty cool. I got an Apollo x6 a year or two ago and haven’t paid any attention to interfaces since.
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    Choice Pedal for Metal Tone?

    KSR Ceres works great stand alone or through a clean or grainy amp. Can get as brutal as hell. Great pedal.
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    What's in your pickup drawer?

    It’s just years of upgrading and trying shit, definitely didn’t mean to collect so much. Same with guitars. I have 21 guitars right now, total mix of pickups across them, many I like probably no absolute favorite pickups. Just many that I like. Probably like most on here
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    UPDATE 05/22/23 : Chirons have shipped !!! ( two pedals available - see list ) plus Shipping Info needed and Balance of payment:

    I own a Mythos Mjolnir which is his klon clone. It’s just a little different flavor from the TS style. Maybe not better, just a little different and it’s good. From what I found, it became collectible because it was a new circuit design at the time and the guy stopped making them and ran out of...
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    NGD 😍

    Nice, congrats all around on the the retirement too.
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    Picked up an Ibanez Roadstar II from 85"!

    Love it. My first guitar real guitar was an 87 roadstar II 440P. I played that for 20 years, only guitar I had. It traveled the world on my ship when I was stationed in Japan. I have a watch on Reverb for any that pop up, so far just 1 in the last 6 months and it was waay over priced.