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    Anyone using greenbacks for high gain stuff ?

    EVH 4x12 cabs are some of my favorite for metal and they use Heritage Greenbacks, which have slightly rolled off high end compared to standard Greenbacks.
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    What is a Bogner Shiva comparable to?

    The Shiva definitely feels like it was inspired by the JCM 800, but it deviates just enough from it that it really does its own thing. It's an interesting amp for sure. The poweramp feels relatively stiff so it always preserves the detail in the high end, but the low end doesn't really feel like...
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    Have your say now (so you can't blame me later)

    I like the darkest and medium tones just about equally. They're both great. The "middle ground" tone might just edge out the darker tone because it sounds slightly bigger. I thought the 2nd clip, the brightest tone, was the weakest by a good bit. It was both too sibilant / ice-picky in the...
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    BE-OD pedal V1vs V2

    It still lets me down that they took the coolest thing about the v1 pedal, the Tight knob, and downgraded it into three position switches for v2. It’s definitely a control where tweaking it to just the exact setting you want pays dividends. If they made a v3 that was exactly like v2 but brought...
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    The best 5150 ever made?

    The newer ones are less touchy, but still touchy. I have a 100w Stealth and 100w EL34 and the 100w EL34 does go from nothing to blow your head off if you blink at it funny, but the 100w Stealth's volume is a bit more forgiving and gives you just a bit more room to play with before going nuclear...
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    Bogner XTC Mini

    Of all the internet demos I've heard of these mini amps, the Bogner sounds best to me personally. I messed around with one at a music store and it's a fun little amp. Haven't played any of the other mini amps so I can't compare it with them though.
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    Keeley Halo Timmons Delay! 🤩🤩🤩

    I would absolutely buy a version of the Halo with dedicated knobs for each control and MIDI. I have no idea what the economics are but I'd be happy to pay $350 for something like this:
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    Keeley Halo Timmons Delay! 🤩🤩🤩

    Thanks. I found that out yesterday afternoon so I drove a few towns over and picked one up at a guitar center. It sounds great!
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    The best 5150 ever made?

    Hey Jon, you should try the 100w Stealth and 100w EL34 versions. They're a bit different than the 50w heads. The 100w heads have just a bit more mid push in the preamp gain stages. The 50w amps don't push the mids quite as hard in the preamp so they sound just a bit more "slinky" while the 100w...
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    Keeley Halo Timmons Delay! 🤩🤩🤩

    Are you able to tell at all if the pedal is analog dry through? Best way to tell would probably be to split your signal with another stereo buffer of some kind, like an A/B/Y box or any pedal with stereo outputs, then plug one of those outputs into one amp, and the other output into the Halo...
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    Update on noise gate, effects loop 5150-III

    Gotcha, but unfortunately it probably won't do any good though because the 50w heads don't use tube driven effects loops.
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    Update on noise gate, effects loop 5150-III

    Is the 5150 III a 50w or a 100w amp? Does the noise still happen if you simply take a small patch cable and plug one end into "Send" and the other into "Return" while the loop is active? Also, if it's a 100w amp, I'm with @blackie13 in that it could be a bad preamp tube. The 50w 5150 III's...
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    Keeley Halo Timmons Delay! 🤩🤩🤩

    As a fan of both Lukather and EJ… I’ll say that Timmons’ tone is pretty much without equal. If he picks a pedal, any pedal, it’s for a reason. As for his delays, he has never gone for “just some echos.” He always dials in a very specific kind of washy, pad-like background ambience that...
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    Keeley Halo Timmons Delay! 🤩🤩🤩

    Do you know whether the dry signal runs in parallel with the wet signal without being AD/DA converted, or if it is converted to digital and back when the pedal is on?
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    Double-tracking for YouTube amp demos, have your say

    Please do not listen to those people, they are clueless... that is unless you want every amp to sound like it's being played from inside the same tiled bathroom, recorded from across the house. Don't hesitate to ask any of those folks to send you a few of their "excellent" sounding cell phone...