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    Current Production Fender Strat for Rock/Metal?

    A couple of weeks ago I got lucky while scrolling through the classifieds and found a Fender Japan Modern Strat HH RW nearby, in absolutely great condition for a very good price. One of the best - if not THE best - gear purchases I have ever made.
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    noise suppression/gating

    I use an ISP Decimator II between my overdrive pedal (Boss SD-1) and amp (Engl Artist Edition) and the built-in noise gate of the amp takes care of the rest. Both gates are set quite low and complement each other really well.
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    Kyle does Bugera

    I really like his channel, but to be honest… a couple new riffs from time to time would be good. Hearing the same riffs over and over again is starting to get a little annoying.
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    List Of Amps You've Owned

    Park G10R Hughes & Kettner Attax 200 Peavey 6505MH Marshall JVM410HJS EVH 5150 III 50W Engl Artist Edition 50W
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    To Synergy or not to Synergy

    A couple of years ago (when I sold my Marshall JVM HJS... biggest mistake ever) I bought a SYN-1 and the Friedman HBE module. The voicing of the module was great, it sounded very thick and saturated, but there were two things that I just couldn't stand and eventually made me return both devices...
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    Heads up on the newer Boss SD-1

    I compared my SD-1W (MIJ) to my SD-1-4A. The Waza is a little noisier (I guess that's because of the through-hole-design, while the 4A is SMT which generally seems to be less noisy) and even in Standard mode it has a little bit more bass and a little less highs than the 4A (Pink noise test...
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    Reactive loads, IR

    My bedroom studio setup: Line 6 HX Stomp into ENGL Artist Edition into Suhr Reactive Load. I usually use the HX Stomp before the amp for OD and other FX, but it also works really well as a preamp modeler into the FX return of the amp. A very flexible and great sounding hybrid setup. Best of...
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    Captor X vs Suhr rl IR vs Box of Doom

    The low end is not missing with the Torpedo Captor. It‘s just very inaccurate. The impedance curve of a guitar speaker normally has a peak that resembles a parametric EQ. The low end of the Captor‘s impedance curve is more like shelf EQ.
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    Captor X vs Suhr rl IR vs Box of Doom

    There are two reasons why so many people praise and buy the Torpedo Captor products: They‘re cheaper than competing products and Two Notes invest in a lot of social media / influencer marketing. In regards to quality and accuracy the Suhr RL or Fractal LB-2 are in another league, though.
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    Any Bolt Thrower fans here?

    Memoriam… yeah, their first 3 albums were not as good as I hoped they would be. However, their latest album is absolutely killer. Everyone into old-school Death Metal should also check out the new Benediction album - by far their best one since Transcend The Rubicon.
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    Any Bolt Thrower fans here?

    For Victory is the best Death Metal album ever.
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    Top 5 high gain 50w amps

    ENGL Artist Edition 50W
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    NAD & Issues - Synergy Syn30 + SLO Module

    I really wanted to like the Synergy system. Two years ago I bought a SYN-1 and the HBE module for home recording purposes. However, it was quite noisy, the power amp (Sag) simulation in the SYN-1 didn‘t convince me for direct recording and I disliked the tiddly knobs on the module. TBH I was a...
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    Engl Artist Edition 50 vs. 100

    Two days ago - after long consideration - I finally took the plunge and bought a 50W Artist Edition. The amp sounds really, really great, and it definitely doesn't lack thump. Its low end is more percussive, less compressed than other Engl amps I have tried before (e.g. Fireball, Invader) and...
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    R.I.P L-G Petrov

    I remember seeing the Hollowman video on Headbanger‘s Ball as a teenager. That was pretty much my gateway drug to Death Metal. R.I.P., LG